Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy Tears

Six months.  It's been a long six months of feeling worthless, crying, anger, interviews, and disappointment.  The search came to an end today.

I was offered a position, and I accepted.

Unfortunately, it's not coding.  It's doing authorizations again, but this time for a 6 physician office and not a hospital.  The pay is comparable to what I was making at my previous job at the hospital.  I will have health insurance by May.  And there are coding positions, which I was told I would have first shot if anyone left.  They are willing to give me ICD10 training, and mentoring with my future coding career.

The interview was wonderful.  Let me tell the back story.  Last week Tuesday, I had an interview at a local hospital for a coding position.  Remember I told you how I ended up royally sick the next two days, and had to cancel a Wednesday interview?  Well, they called me back to say that they decided to hire someone on the spot for the position, and would not be interviewing me.  I was disappointed, but told them how classy they were for at least calling me back and letting me know.  I guess they liked that...I ended up getting a phone call on Friday afternoon from them, telling me that the candidate decided not to accept the position, so they were interviewing again.  We set the interview for Monday.

All weekend long, I kept thinking about the hospital interview instead.  I thought about cancelling the physician office interview, but my husband urged me to keep it.  So I showed up on Monday morning, and had one of the best interviews of my life, despite the fact that I was coughing so hard that they ended up bringing me water and letting me take breaks to breathe before I answered some questions.  Talk about nice!  By the end of the interview, we were laughing, showing pictures of our pets and kids, talking about future positions!  How exciting!  The woman who would be my manager, Debbie, even walked me out to my car!

On Tuesday, my husband insisted I go to the eye doctor despite our lack of insurance, and get new glasses.  I haven't had new glasses since 2010 or 2011.  While I was in with the eye doctor, that physician office called me so many times that my husband answered my cell phone thinking it might be one of the kids' friends needing something.  She begged my husband to have me call back right away.  I called after getting my eyes dilated, and she offered me the position over the phone.  Only thing; I had a second interview with the hospital the very next!

I told her I'd call her back after this last interview, no matter what my decision.  She sounded very bummed and told me that I was the perfect candidate, the office manager Debbie loved me and didn't want anyone else, and that I was way better than the first person they had initially offered the position to.

So I went to the second interview, all the time thinking about the physician office.  I was hoping the hospital would finally offer me a position, but no!  It was my third time driving out there, and still no offer! I emailed them when I got home telling them that I needed to find out by the end of the day today if they were going to hire me or not.  I never heard

I took the physician office job.  I start Monday!

I am praying that this is the right position.  I feel very good about it, better than I ever did about the life insurance place, or the place that offered me $11 per hour, or the contract positions coding for almost no money whatsoever.  I will finally have health insurance again.  I'm so happy I could cry.

But instead of a picture of me crying, here's me with my new specs.

This is the face of an employable woman, darn it!

By the way, I now have bifocals.  I CAN SEE, PRAISE THE LORD, I CAN SEE!  But how cute are these glasses?  They're Dolce&Gabbana!  I own something D&G, peeps! 


Jill said...

That is so great! Yippee for you...and love the glasses.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy for you! This place (and the people) just sound like the place you should be. Natalie

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Yay!! I am so happy that you found a job! Praise the Lord!!
Lisa :O)