Monday, September 6, 2010

Thirteen Down, About Ninety To Go

I started at 276 in June.
I'm at 263 today.

13 pounds gone.  7 just in the last week.  Ok, clearly the Atkins type diet is working for me.  Although I can honestly say I am SICK OF MEAT right now.  I'm brewing coffee right now, and trying to figure out what to make for breakfast.  Eggs again, I guess.  I am really kind of sick of eggs.  I want toast with jelly in the worst possible way.  But with results like this, I will scramble another darned egg.  I did treat myself a bit, I bought canteloupe.  It has natural sugars in it, which is not carb-free, but if I don't get a little something on the sweeter side, I'm afraid I will binge on bagels and pour white sugar directly down my gullet. 

I did discover something interesting.  I definitely WAS addicted to sugar.  My body was reacting to my getting rid of the sugary foods when I tried Atkins.  For the first three days, I actually had the shakes (not milkshakes, I mean my body was shaking) and headaches.  And here I am thinking that I was not a sweets kind of girl; I generally chose chips over candy.  But those chips are loaded with sugars you don't even see.  It was an interesting experiment to say the least. 

I've learned that I really don't eat enough vegetables.  And definitely not enough fruit.  I miss bread, but I don't think I'll be going back to white bread any time soon.  I'll stick with whole grain and keep it to two slices a day.  But I really needed this jump-start to find out what makes my body tick.  I'll also be sticking with honey as a natural sweetener from now on.  I do believe I'll be staying low carb, but probably not Atkins low carb.  Trying to stay under 20g a day is difficult.  I'm going to attempt staying between 30-40g carbs per day, and that will be healthy carbs, not junk.  With that and my exercise, I am hoping to reach the 199 very soon.  I can't say when.  That is 64 pounds away. 

The last time I saw 199, I was seven months pregnant with Missy.  I was 19 or 20 years old.  I remember standing on that scale crying because I was going to hit the big 2-0-0.  And I was pregnant!  Funny how fifteen years later, that number seems like a victory!

Again, I want to thank you all for supporting me on my journey.  I still don't consider this a weight loss blog, or a fashion blog, or a mommy blog, or a religious blog.  it's just me, in all my facets, interests, and dreams.  I know I flit about from subject to subject.  Thank you for putting up with me in all my craziness!


Kelly said...

Sarah!! You are doing awesome!! I am so proud of you.

It is very exciting to hit those goals. Getting under 200 was thrilling for me. It was my Christmas gift to myself last year. My WW meeting was Christmas Eve. I was 199.8! I was so excited. Now I'm trying to get to my wedding weight. I have 4.8 lbs. to go. I have been working at it all summer and am bouncing between needing to lose 3 lbs. and 5 lbs. Discouraging. But I'm not giving up!! After I reach my wedding weight, I only have 30 lbs. to my goal! I will have lost 105 lbs. total then :)

Anyway....I didn't comment on your picture thread last night because I was reading and running lol. But I could definitely tell you've lost weight and was coming back this morning to tell you. You Go Girl!!!

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Yeah, Atkins works, but the longing for bread can be overwhlming afterwhile, and food choices are pretty limited.

I am actually going carb free FOR JUST THIS WEEK, to jump start was has been a lazy attempt to drop 30 pounds by Thanksgiving. I started in July, and have only lost 4 pounds. Well, that's not actually true. I lost 8, and gained back 4.

Good luck Sarah. You're doing great!

Sarah R said...

I just cheated at the bowling alley. I had a baconcheeseburger, fries and half a pepsi. It was so good. Back on the wagon tonight for sure.

Emily Sandford said...

Have you gotten some low carb cookbooks from the library? I follow Atkins and trust me, you HAVE to branch out from eggs and meat by themselves! There are so many great combos you can make. For breakfast I had a crustless sausage and mushroom quiche, and for lunch I had lasagna made with cauliflower instead of noodles. For dinner it will be chicken enchiladas, low carb style. If you need links or anything, just let me know!
Congrats on the success so far!

Sarah R said...

I haven't yet, Emily. I am so bored, you're right. I think that's why I fell off the wagon today. One more scrambled egg and I was gonna go postal. Yes, I'd love some links or recommendations.

Michelle said...

You are looking hot woman! I have a quick breakfast recipe for you from when I was doing Atkins! It kills! Not literally.

Take a muffin tin and spray it with Pam. Take a piece of thin sliced ham and place in each muffin cup, molding it in there. Crack an egg inside the ham, sprinkle with some cheese (and chives if desired) and then top with about a tsp of cream (I never measured because well...I'm not a measurer) Bake this at 350 for 14-17 minutes depending on how runny you like the yolks. This is DEELISH!

I've been doing Vegan for the last 3 days and I miss butter dearly, but will be switching to vegetarian in a few days! I'm so excited for my butter! :)

Sarah R said...

Ok...Michelle this looks good. Consider it done tomorrow and I will let you know if Mama likey.