Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is Not a Weight Loss Blog

Oh peeps.  I feel like I should apologize.  I've been so into my diabetes diagnosis and meal plan and carb counting and weighing my food by the 1/8 ounce.  My blog doesn't have a particular theme; it's mostly just my life, my faith, my family and my thoughts.  But if anyone has been bored recently, I'm sorry.  I tend to do stuff like that; just throw myself into something new until it encompasses everything. 

I have a daily calendar on my desk with Bible verses on it; it is not year specific, which means I can use it over and over again.  I've had it for at least five years and I love it dearly.  I wanted to quote today's verse for you:

Why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not perceive the plank in your own eye?  Luke 6:41.

Ooooh, this is a good one.  I thought about that the other day when I was nitpicking at the kids not to leave stuff on the counter; right after I did the same thing myself.  Sigh.  I'm such a flawed person, and I prove it constantly.  Oh, I wish I had more of a gentle spirit.  I can be so judging at times and I really want to be more loving.  Not that judging is a bad thing; but there is a fine line between judging and condemning and I tend to straddle it.  Lord, please help me be a better person, in Your Name of course!

I have a bit of a...hmmm, dilemma is not quite the word, but I'm not sure elese what it is.  I have no kids tonight.  You heard me.  The boys are going to a middle school lock down for the band, and Missy is spending the night at a friend's house.  There is no school tomorrow in our county, it's a teacher workday.  I have the entire night to myself, starting at 7pm!  I wish Mr. R were here, but he is stuck up in Jersey "freezing" as he says it.  (It was 48 there this morning.  Uhhhh, ok.)  I'm not sure what to do with myself!  I do have some schoolwork to do, but I was thinking about driving to the bookstore, using their wifi, and having a cup of coffee and a cookie while I do my work.  Sad, that's my "big night" out on the town, but I'm not rich and I'm not a party clubber by any means.  Maybe I'll head to my library, that's closer anyway.  But then I getz no cookiez!  Now, I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning (ugh!) to pick up the boys by 6am at the middle school.  Then I have to work my usual day Friday.  So clearly, I won't be out all night.  But what do you think?  Have any cool ideas for me to do tonight on a child-free, husband-free evening?

In weight related news:  Hahaha, you knew I was going there, right?  Lost ANOTHER pound.  Seriously, this is sick!  I weigh myself every morning right after I potty (I'm telling you, I think I retain at least a pound or two overnight!) The nutritionist from FH called and I reported my weight loss to her, she was ecstatic for me.  I love that they are calling to check up on me to see how I'm doing.  So, as of this morning, weight is 261.  Fasting blood sugar was 107.  Height is still 5 foot 4.  Dang that one...I give up. 


Kelly said...

Oh a night all alone.

I like to to go to Starbucks for coffee and then to the mall to window shop.

If I stay home I like to watch a chick flick, paint my tootsies and knit or read or soak in a bubble bath, and of course get take out for dinner. Although that isn't as fun as it used to be since all the places I like take out from are junky. Although I do love to get Chipotle to go.

Have a fun and restful evening!

I'd give it up on getting taller ;) I'm shrinking by 1/2", but I will not tell WW that until after I am at goal LOL.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Your height will remain 5'4...until you get old and get even shorter, lol.

Hope you enjoyed your night off and congrats on the weightloss!

Erin said...

I love the going to the bookstore, using their WIFI, having a coffee & a cookie idea! That's probably what I would do! : ) You don't have to apologize about talking about your weight loss/health journey! It's your LIFE, that's what you're living right now! I love hearing all about it! It's very interesting & inspiring! You're doing an awesome job! Have a fun night! Love you girlie! : )

Sarah R said...

Kelly: I'd take a bath, but the only tub in the house is in the kid's bathroom, and I'm not cleaning their tub on my night off!
Terry: Aren't you 5 foot 10 or something? That's just mean! Sob... lol. I guess I have to give up on my long legged blonde dream.
Erin: are we twins separated at birth or what?

D'Rae said...

There is no shame going and having coffee and a cookie by yourslef! I have done that before and I always have a good time doing it.

You could always rent a movie you have been wanting to see. That is another good idea.

No worries about talking about your diet and exercise. My blog is the same way. I just talk about what is important to me at the time. It is your blog and you can do whatever you want.

Have fun and enjoy your evening, you deserve it!

Jennifer M. said...

I hear what you're saying about making sure to take a look at yourself before judging others. I've been realizing lately that I need to work on that too. I've been getting upset at everyone else's negative moods lately, and recently realized that I should probably step up and do something about my own mood first! The plus is that my good mood can potential rub off on everyone else, so it's a win-win!