Friday, October 15, 2010

This Cannot Be Normal

Not saying I'm scared, not even saying I'm worried, but my eyes pretty much popped out of my head when I stepped on the scale this morning at 430am (thanks, Roscoe.  I just adore getting up an hour earlier than I need to.)  260.  Another pound lost.  I even got off the scale, shook the darned thing, put it back down, and hopped on again.  Same. 

My bra just doesn't fit anymore.  The shoulders are loose.  I have it on the tightest setting for the band on my back.  I put jean capris on this morning and didn't need to lie down to zip them. 

Clearly, this meal plan is making the difference for me.  I even had a peanut butter cup last night, and finally bought some wheat thins as my whole grain snack instead of oyster cracks.  I got the ones that have extra fiber in them.  They were pretty tasty.   I mean, they weren't cheesecake, but hey, yum yum anyway.  Last night for dinner, I had an entire can of no sodium green beans (that was my 3 veggie serving choice) 5 oz of Tyson season steak strips (they look like dog food but taste pretty good!) and 1/2 tablespoon of butter for my fat.  Put it all in one pan, and just let it heat through.  The peanut butter cup was my carb.  Frankly, I don't understand how someone with diabetes is supposed to eat so many carbs, but darned if it's not working.  I feel great, my energy seems fine, and I bet my pcp is going to be shocked when I walk into her office on Monday and I get weighed.

Publix was out of pumpkin spice creamer!  I got hazelnut instead.  Oh well, at least I get a second cup of coffee now. 


Kelly said...

Awesome!! I love those Fiber Select Wheat Thin crackers, the garden vegetable are my favorite. I like to spread laughing cow cheese or cream cheese on them, or dip them in hummus.

You are doing a great job!!

I think eating protein with the whole grains does something to stabilize the blood sugar. I read a book called Potatoes not Prozac at one time. It talks a lot about keeping your blood sugar stable. Good book.

So what did you do last night?

Sarah R said...

I sat on my couch, watched Cooking Channel for hours, and instant messaged my sister, my friend Jenni, and a creepy guy from high school all at once.
The creeper shot me his cell phone number and tried to get an invite over this weekend. NOT.

Erin said...

Yay! Wow, Sarah, that's totally stinkin' awesome! Can I have a copy of your meal plan?! I know it was designed specifically for you but I have known for years that I don't eat enough & it might just give me an idea of what I need to change! I'm so proud of you, SO super happy & a little jealous (in a good, now-I'm-really-motivated way!)! : ) Love you friend!

Kelly said...

Ahhh....I miss the cooking channel. I just cannot watch that without wanting to go cook it (I love to cook and bake) which means I'd want to eat it. And now that the teens are mostly gone and Doug is rarely home and I am being healthy, there's no reason to cook that much, so I don't torture myself LOL.

Sounds like you had a nice evening.

mom2nji said...

Dude, I am really proud of you! And jealous! Rock on!

mom2nji said...

Dude, I am really proud of you! And jealous! Rock on!

Jennifer M. said...

Yeah Kelly's right - protein stabilizes blood sugar. I'm hypoglycemic (sort of the opposite problem as diabetes - my blood sugar tends to drop too quickly) so have really learned to eat a more balanced diet. I try to start my day with some protein (peanut butter spread on a tortilla) and resist any white sugars (donuts, etc) until at least lunch time - sugars mess me up on an empty stomach). Also fish and eggs and cheese seem to be good protein that also regulates my blood sugar while helping me feel full longer. Straight up sugar (candy, etc) is best saved for directly after a meal (which should consist of meat and veggies, etc), and only then in small doses.

Anyway, this helps for me, hopefully you can find what works for you!