Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Being Frivolous

With all the stress in my life, I am feeling the need to goof off and be silly a lot more than I have in years past.  And with a decent job that actually pays a living wage (say it ain't so!!!) I'm having fun with my hair, make up, the gym, and of course my quest for the best eyebrows ever.

I tried Keratin!

Trim, color, Keratin.  I am loving life here.  It's so smooth!

I am basically hating life here.  I had no idea I couldn't wash or pull my hair back for two days.  I couldn't even tuck it behind my ears because then the hair will basically stay that way for as long as the treatment lasts.  Two days of this grease pit laying in my face.  I was seriously starting to regret my choice and almost called Cheri (my stylist) telling her I was coming in to get my head shaved.  But then after those 48 hours I washed it and hair miracles began to happen.

Go ahead.  Tell me how cute I am.  I already know.  This is Monday, July 3rd.  Half the office was out for a four day weekend, but I had no PTO so I was stuck in the office that day, wearing my snazzy stars and stripes tee.

So then I thought...well, my hair looks pretty good natural, which in my case is straight with a lot of bounce.  I wonder if it will take a curl?  Out come my hot rollers!

Awww, yiss.  My hair still curls!  And my goodness do I need a tan or what.  I'm practically glow in the dark here.

Totally feeling the hair and makeup on this particular day.  It's all Younique.  Except for the blush.

My sweet baby Bucket turned 19 over the holiday.  Let me tell you, this kid lucked out.  He got a brand new mattress and box spring, a trip to Chili's, the return of his bedroom, cash from my parents, lunch out with them too, and a new headset for his xBox.  Then he asked to go see the new SpiderMan movie on opening night, so we did that too.

Here we are at Epic Theaters together on July 7th.  Let me tell you a story about that hat he's wearing.  He LOVES newsboy hats, but he's a lot like his dad and has a huge noggin and couldn't find one that fit his fat head.  So I decided to go on to find a hat for him.  I found a place in Poland of all places!  So I measured his head, and naturally he is the largest size.  I order it,and in less than two weeks Bucket had his custom made newsboy cap all the way from Europe and he adores it.  And it was only about $25!  But the funniest thing is, he has a fancy European cap, but he's wearing a denim jacket/hoodie combo we found at Goodwill for $6.  Is that my life or what.  

Speaking of that same paradox, here I am wearing a Walmart tee shirt, and even a Walmart scarf, but with Younique products, which I am totally loving!  BTW, even though this is a Walmart tee, I love these tops.  They were $5.88 at my local Walmart and I bought them in every color except the pastels and white.  They are super soft, and have a great v-neck and cover a good portion of my fat arms.  I wear them with my work pants or a cute skirt to work, but on this day I decided to pull out the scarf.  I find scarves tricky.  I see them and love them on other women, but when I try, I feel like I'm being strangled by a fabric monster.  I did learn something, and that is that I prefer the longer rectangular scarves instead of this one, which is square.  I couldn't lengthen this scarf any more than it was.  Stick with the rectangles!

Another Younique day.  I have basically replaced everything makeup product I own with Younique.  In fact, I'm planning to buy the presenter's kit this week when I get paid, which will actually make me a Younique rep.  However, I'm not planning to actively sell the product at this time, I just wanted the great deal and the future 20% off.  

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your eye makeup?  Ha!

So that's my frivolous life these days.  Trust me, more serious things are happening all around me, but I find small joy in having nicer skin, on fleek eyebrows, lip color that stays on all day, and obedient hair. I hope you, my readers, also find something fun in the frivolous.  Whether it's makeup, a cute new handbag, or beautiful fabric to make a new dress or curtains with, please find joy in the frivolous.  Life is serious...but it's also fun and beautiful.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Times, They Are A-Changing

July 1st is this Saturday, and one of the biggest changes of my life is quickly approaching.

My son and his girlfriend fiancee are moving out!  I knew the day would come, and I even suspected that Tiger would be the first one to leave.  (I also stated he would be the first to get married and give me a grandbaby, and I seem to be on track here as well).  There are mountains of boxes in my hallway, tempers are flaring due to the stress, but I'm happy for them to move out and move on.  It's normal, I remember loving my first place even though it was kind of a dump.  This rental is no exception, but they put down a deposit without ever asking me what I thought (and they don't have to ask me, they're adults who make their own decisions) and so my job is to put stuff in my car and drive it over.  Will I miss them?  Yes and no.  Tiger ended up being my rock, the kid I could depend on while his daddy is on the road.  It's going to be weird not having him around to run to the store for me, do a load of dishes, and let the dogs out to pee.  But I'm over listening to my son and his girlfriend fiancee fight over ridiculous crap like who finished the ranch dressing and missing socks.  You can go do that in your own place, thankyouverymuch!

I'm sitting at home today due to a dead battery in my car, and I'm not happy because I'm out of PTO and I totally cannot afford to sit at home.  Now I'm going to have to work late once this battery gets recharged.  I was supposed to go to the gym with my sister and I had to cancel on her.

Speaking of gym, I have not been doing great.  I had a good knee injury back in April, and I've been suffering ever since.  My new PCP has told me, in the nicest way possible, that I'm really too fat to run and I need to do other things that are more gentle to my body.  Well, I didn't listen, and now I'm hurting so bad I can hardly walk.  I've been doing Aquafit in the pool and I like that a lot, but the pain continues.  I even went to the emergency room because I thought I might have a blood clot in my leg, but that was ruled out.  So the suffering continues.  However, I haven't put on any weight and I've been maintaining the weight loss, so that makes me pretty happy.

This is me literally right now, wishing my car would start.

Hair is seriously jacked up these days.  I have an appointment on Friday for...get this...keratin, cut, color.  My hair is long enough for a ponytail again after I just got that short pixie back in October.  I can't deal with this mushroom stage my hair goes through, so my stylist suggested Keratin.

Was actually just trying to take a picture of the new lipstick to send to my Younique consultant, Ashley.  It's the same color I'm wearing in the first picture, it's called Sumptuous and it's a delightful coral/watermelon summery color that I just love.  It's really long lasting and I had it on for about 12 hours before I would have needed to reapply.  I don't wear makeup in the house though so there is no point in reapplying.  

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

42 and Counting...

So while I've been gone, I turned 42.  My daughter was in a car accident and totaled my beloved Dodge Durango.  I then purchased a Dodge Ram truck for Tiger, a Hyundai Sonata for Missy, and spent a whopping ten bucks on my eyebrows.

Sorry to say, but no photos have been taken, no outfits have been documented, and no children have moved out.  At least my job is steady and gives me personal satisfaction.

So far, late teens to early 20s is my least favorite phase of children.  And that's all I have to say about that.

I'm gonna go eat some ice cream.