Tuesday, May 23, 2017

42 and Counting...

So while I've been gone, I turned 42.  My daughter was in a car accident and totaled my beloved Dodge Durango.  I then purchased a Dodge Ram truck for Tiger, a Hyundai Sonata for Missy, and spent a whopping ten bucks on my eyebrows.

Sorry to say, but no photos have been taken, no outfits have been documented, and no children have moved out.  At least my job is steady and gives me personal satisfaction.

So far, late teens to early 20s is my least favorite phase of children.  And that's all I have to say about that.

I'm gonna go eat some ice cream.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

I'm a Bad, Bad Blogger!

Well hello you guys!  I know it's been two months since my last blog post, but life is keeping me busy and I don't think about my blog very often.  The merger at my job went smoothly, and my medical coding career has been very fast paced.  In fact, as I write this, I am proctoring an exam.  Unfortunately, my home life has SUCKED lately.  My older son Tiger lost his job, I found out Bucket is not graduating high school again, and my daughter had a drug relapse and is abusing IV drugs.  I'm so tired, peeps.  I never thought work would be my escape but I almost despise weekends because I'm in the house with four angry young adults (my son's girlfriend now lives with us.)

I'm doing my best.  I had a doctor appointment yesterday where I broke down and cried.  My health is not great.  My A1C (indicator of blood sugar) is the highest it's ever been.  I gained weight, injured my knee in a 5K last weekend, and my blood pressure is sky high even with three medications.  My PCP suggested I see a therapist.  At first I thought, Are you kidding me...but I found myself agreeing that I need help.  I'm a pretty laid back kind of girl but my anxiety is through the roof lately, to the point where I had my first panic attack about two months ago.

Possibly the worst picture I have ever posted on this blog.  I am so stressed out that my right jaw constantly breaks out into incredibly large, painful pimples that take weeks to heal, and are now leaving scars.  And I'd like to thank the person from my church who decided this photo was good enough to be published.  SMH.

I miss them being little.  I miss them trusting me.  I miss playing fun games, and bed time stories, and coloring, and making forts on Nana's porch.  Tiger is in stripes Bucket is in black.  I am thinking Tiger is about four here, Bucket would be three and that would make Missy six years old.

With this new merger, I have the opportunity to go back to school, and I've started the process.  Right now, the plan is to start in September and get my bachelor's degree in Health Information Management and then move into the Master's program too.  I will try to get some full length pictures going, but with all the anxiety and skin lesions, I haven't been taking pictures.  With the weight loss, my clothes don't really fit properly and I'm not looking as sharp as I'd like.  I may go shopping later today.  Pants in particular feel wonky on me right now.  I need to find some cute shift dresses that will hide the mid-section.  I'm totally willing to start over on my wardrobe, get four dresses (Monday through Thursday) and then my jeans with the company shirt on Fridays and simplify my life.  Would you be willing to throw all your clothes away for a fresh start?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Not Again!

Well, hi there.  Life is going along swimmingly.  The job is great.  My son and his fiancee set a January wedding date for 2018.  Bucket will not be graduating again, and he got turned down for social security disability, so we will be getting a lawyer.  But other than is pretty good.

However, for some reason, there seems to be a cycle in my life that keeps perpetuating.  And that is: 1) I got into another car accident.  2) The company I work for has merged into a larger company.
But good news is: 1) I was not injured this time (at least I feel fine right now, I have 14 days to decide to get medically treated) and 2) instead of losing my job for the merger, I was added to a huge company that has even better benefits and tuition reimbursement than what I have now, PLUS, I may have an option to work from home very soon!  YES!!!!

I ran a 5K with my sister.  Terrible time.  1 hour 3 minutes.  But really, it just leaves me room to improve.

Running at the park with my sister after work.

This picture amused me.  Like the cat gives a damn that it's banned.  It's a cat.  

I did something new!  I got my eyelashes tinted.  Not sure I will ever do it again.  The process took longer than I expected, and having to lay in a room while I couldn't see with this cardboard jammed by my eyelids really freaked me out.  There's a reason I don't wear contacts.  But I admit that my lashes do look great and I haven't had to wear mascara in two months.

This is my new puppy, Bella.  She is Tequila's daughter and the last puppy who was not adopted.  I adore her.  The kids named her.  She is very resistant to house training and while I love her, I do not love the tiny puddles and tiny turds that are sprinkled all over my house.

The director of my company walked around on Valentine's Day to deliver cups of candy with warm smiles and hugs.  Seriously, could this place get any better?!

Finally, a full length picture of me, but my son is really just a terrible photographer who doesn't care.  The tree is casting shadows and I look diseased.  But oh well...there you go.