Sunday, April 17, 2011

New To Me

We'll make a long story short.  Maggie is totaled.  Mr. R had a fabulous paycheck last week.  So instead of waiting on the check from our insurance company to come in, we decided to get a vehicle right away.  Much easier if he is home to help me drive around, plus we wanted to return the rental car before Bucket spilled a drink in it.  We researched online for hours, found this, called them, nailed down a price, drove down to Orlando, test drove it, and came home.  Ta da.  I am now the proud owner of a 2003 Dodge Durango with only 49000 miles, and a 3 yr/36000 mile powertrain warranty.  We put down $2000, we owe about $7500, and we are expecting a check for $4500 some time soon.  So this will be paid off by the end of 2011.  More interesting facts:  because Mr. R is self employed, he has almost no credit.  Everything is in my name.  So we decided to put him on the car loan just to build credit.  I know, we're brilliant like that.

Sigh.  It's a V8.  I actually wanted a 6, but my goodness, people are dumping these V8 vehicles right and left due to rising fuel prices. so more 8s are available.  I decided to take a chance and get an 8.  I'll have it paid off by the end of this year, so I'd rather pay for more fuel than more car payments.

And here I am, in front of my horribly landscaped front yard, with my awesome, and hopefully SAFER vehicle!

Doing my best Vanna White impersonation. 

He cut his hair.  Mommy likey!  And don't I look like I'm up to no good?

Me and my...HEY!  Is she suddenly taller than me?  She's bending DOWN to hug me!  OH MYLANTA MY DAUGHTER IS TALLER THAN ME!

O'Malley and Buck do not care about Rango, they just want to be assured that I can keep them in kibble.  So far, so good.
Let's talk about the outfit, shall we?  I bought this dress at Goodwill about a month ago, for a mere $5.99.  I wouldn't call it a leopard print, or even an animal print.  Well, maybe it is.  It is so nondescript that even Mr. R said, "What is that supposed to be?"  and my answer was an emphatic "Meh, Idunno."  I initially paired it with red shoes and jewelry, and Mr. R said I looked stupid, so I changed to nude flats and simple gold hoops, which I think are boring.  But then again, this print is something.  Maybe it's fine, but I think I could have done better.
Me and Tiger.  I knew he was taller than me.  But now only one kid left is shorter than me, and I can't imagine that lasting very long.  I need heels.  Someone buy some heels!


Jill said...

Nice car. You all seemed to bouce back, hopefully. When do you hear about your test?

Sarah R said...

I wish I knew! I'm actually thinking about calling AHIMA tomorrow to find out. Now that I know my daughter is okay, and the car situation is working itself out, I am dying to know my score!

Missy said...

Great car! Congrats!!!

Sarah R said...

Thanks Missy! I'm still getting used to it. I've already tripped on the running boards twice. And you really do need them to get into this vehicle, unless one is over 5 foot 7 or so.

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Nice Dodge ;)

Jennifer M. said...

What does working for himself have to do with credit score? That's interesting, considering that I'm hoping to work for myself!