Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Car is Totaled

My poor, poor Maggie Magnum.

My daughter was RIGHT THERE.

And the frame is bent.  That means it's totaled.

The cross which I keep hanging next to me at all times.  I couldn't reach it when I cleaned the car out.  Too much glass.  I'm hoping Mr. R can get it tomorrow.

This is where my sweet girl was sitting.

Bruised, battered, but here.  Praise God.


Taylor said...

Wow! My sister totalled her car a few months ago... scary, scary stuff. So glad you and your daughter are okay!

K said...

I'm so sorry about your car, but I'm relieved that you and your daughter both came out safe. I hope you both have a quick recovery (mentally and physically, of course).

Jennifer M. said...

Oh my gosh, that looks horrible! I am sooo glad you guys are okay!