Sunday, May 15, 2011


Do you know what today is?  Do you?  DO YOU?!?!?!

Someone in this house turned 36 today!  I'll give you ONE guess.  By the way, that's the timer on my washing machine.  I turned around and it had just turned funny is that?

This girl, that's who!  Happy Birthday to meeeeeee! 

And what did I do on this birthday?  I got up, let the dog out and the cats in.  Made coffee. THIS:

He had already started making breakfast when I was getting dressed for church.  That's why there is food out, lol.

I have been wanting...asking....wishing for a red KitchenAid mixer for at least four years.  And every year, it never happened.  I almost bought one for myself for graduation, and darn it...I am just too cheap to spend $300 on myself.  I bought myself a pair of $16 Dearfoam slippers instead...which, by the way, are too comfortable to be legal.  I love them!
After I opened my gift, I got dressed for church.  Birthday or no, it is Sunday and a great day to worship the Lord!  This is what I wore:

I'm not sure why I'm hanging onto the door frame of the garage?

Dear Lord, I know it's a silly prayer, but I'd love to have a year of no pimples before I get stuck with wrinkles.  Amen.

Every picture Missy took of me, she failed to mention that my slip was hanging out.  I need a new one, and I need to buy petites because the normal ones are too long for me.

My clone and I.


mom2nji said...

Happy Birthday! That is my exact mixer!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!

Congrats on your KA. You're going to love it. Well, I love mine anyway LOL.

As always you are so pretty. I hope you have an extra fabulous day.

Sarah R said...

Jenni, is yours red too? I'm so pleased that he got that for me! And thank you, Kelly. I deleted a lot of pictures of me looking cross eyed before these posted. Hahahahaha!

Jennifer M. said...

Happy birthday!! :D

sahaana said...

Happy B'day Sarah ! I gotto say I am envious of your new gadget - what a great present! Enjoy the rest of your day !

Taylor said...

Happy birthday! LOVE the mixer. My m-i-l just got a red coffee maker and I am so jealous.

D'Rae said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Heather Rhodes said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! You don't look a day over 30! I never would have guessed =) My bday is the 18th and I would *love* a Kitchen Aid mixer! I hope your day has been extra special great!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! You look beautiful & that cranberry color is gorgeous on you! I'm happy you got what you were hoping for, I've heard those mixers are the best! Love you girl! : )

Sarah R said...

Thank you all for the sweet bday wishes, friends. I really do love birthdays and today was a really fun one. Last year I spent my birthday without the hubby, and while I had a great day, I just love having him home.