Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today, I Am Rambling About Odd Things

1) I haven't seen my husband in two weeks. I miss him. A LOT. *cough cough*
2) The pool at the Y opens at 7am. I am seriously contemplating buying an actual swimsuit (not just a cute tankini with the skirted bottom to hide my thighs) and doing laps in the morning before it gets too wicked hot. I used to be a very strong swimmer before the 2002 car accident. I have some issues with my left rotator cuff. Basically, it doesn't like to rotate anymore. But I really like the idea of getting back into swimming. It is excellent cardio, and I've discovered that I really dislike the treadmills. I actually feel dizzy when I'm on them, and that vertigo feeling is no fun. I don't feel that way on the bike, and I haven't tried the ellipticals yet.
3) I'm making pork chops and sweet potatoes for dinner tomorrow night. I love sweet potatoes!
4) I promised Mr. R that I'd grow my hair back out, but it's driving me bonkers right now. I think it just needs a trim and some style and maybe some highlights. Is that cheating? I'd like to consider it "maitenance" and not a haircut. Right? Can I get some backup here?
5) I am breaking out really badly. I'm wondering if my exercising is releasing so many toxins that I'm breaking out? I have five zits on my face right now, and it's not even spicy burrito week.
6) I shaved my legs today, but almost didn't because Mr. R isn't home and it's not like I'm here to impress anyone else. But then I couldn't wear my skirts and it's too hot for pants.
7) Speaking of hot, the heat index in Central Florida today was 109. That's not a typo. That's INSANITY! I'd like to think that when I get to Heaven, I can control the temperature in my own mansion. Mine's going to have snow in it! Because, after all, there is no mopping in Heaven. Or dirty mansions.
8) My dog is going through some weird phase where he cries every morning at 4am to be let out, just to play in the yard and wag his tail. I may need to have a talk with him about this new habit. It does not a happy Momma make.
9) Whenever I paint my toenails, it looks like a toddler did it. But I hate spending money on pedicures. I've got to learn how to do it better.
10) What is the difference between a fiddle and a violin?


Randal, Erin & our 5 sweet Girlies said...

Lemme just say how adorable you are & that I love you so much! : ) It was fun reading your list of random things! I honestly don't know the difference between a fiddle & a violin except maybe the way they are played?! Ha ha! I think you definitely should buy a *real* bathing suit & start swimming in the mornings AND I think you should totally enjoy your hair AS it's growing out ~ no need to torture yourself! : ) If you're happy with how you look you'll be all the more sexy to your Hubby & come on, what Hubby doesn't want that! : ) I laughed about the shaving thing & I can totally relate! I definitely think your outbreak is because of working out & the extra sweat. Have a great day friend! : )

mom2nji said...

A trim totally doesn't count.

It is hotter than hell here.

I am good at painting nails, but I have no idea how I do it. lol
Most salons offer polish changes for only $5, even on toes.

Kelly said...

Sarah, that is absolutely hair maintenance. Trimming off the dead ends isn't the same as cutting off inches :) And highlights always make me feel good.

I like to walk in the shallow end of the pool. I also get vertigo on treadmills. If I am in a pool, I'll walk because I am a horrible swimmer. The resistance from the water is great, too. And I tread water. I am so not an exercise person.

I hope Mr. R gets to come home soon soon soon!

After you dump those toxins, your skin will clear up. Plus it is hot and sweaty where you are! You could visit me. We have a high of 77 today :)

Sarah R said...

Erin...we haven't seen in each other in two weeks. I could be wearing a garbage bag and I think he'd find me irresistable right now. I could have boogers and a wonky eye too.
I'm going to buy the swimsuit sometime this weekend.
Jenni...I'm so jealous of your painting skills. I would love to have put together mani/pedis on a regular basis, but I'm terrible at them!
Kelly...77? I'm booking a flight. But not until Mr. R leaves again.

Jennifer M. said...

109!?!?! No thank you. I'm a moderate weather kind of girl. Thank you, Oregon. Lol.

Actually a fiddle IS a violin, just held differently. You hold a violin under your chin, but when you're fiddling, you hold it lower like a cello. It's the same instrument though.

And yeah, you should go for it with the swimming! I've heard that's a good way to tone muscle, and since you already know what you're doing, it should feel familiar, like getting back into a rhythm, which will be nice.