Sunday, September 5, 2010

What I Love About Sunday

I guess I'm going to start taking pictures on Sunday.  I have a photographer (Missy) and I wear real clothes.  I'm posting this right now wearing red pj bottoms and a turquoise tank top.  I'm about to go do the dishes.  No one needs to see that!

This was my favorite shot of the day.  My hair is growing in better.  This is why a wrap dress is a must for curvy girls.  Accentuates the best, skims away the ripples.

Another favorite dress, but way too hot for today.  I was sweating like a pig at the slaughter-house.

I'm thinking now that I should invest in some Spanx or something.  That gut.  Aiyiyi.

Even though Missy chopped off half my head, I kept it.  Know why?  LOOK AT MY WAIST.  It's getting smaller!  I'm not even sucking it in here!

Dress: Merona for Target (I think half my wardrobe is Merona for Target.  Seriously!(
Shoes: blue leopard print, Payless.
Earrings: WalMart.  Not real silver, but who cares?
Necklaces: gift from Carmella, an authentic pookah shell necklace from Hawaii.  Carmella is my coworker and I covered for her for two LOOOOONG weeks while she was on vacation.  I joke that I deserved way more than pookah shells.  But I do love it.
By the way, it's ok if you guys comment and stuff.  Or is everyone gone for the Labor Day weekend?


mom2nji said...

I am home. Love the dress!

Sarah R said...

Thanks doll.

D'Rae said...

very cute dress! Love the shoes!