Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Love a Sale!

It occurred to me last Tuesday when I went to a meeting at work that I have no decent footwear for the office.  I have towering heels that I never wear, flip flops, sneakers and two pairs of flats that I wear over and over.  I don't necessarily wear a weird size...I'm between an 8 and a 9, depending on who makes the shoe; but I wear wide widths.  I love Zappos, I've gotten most of my favorite shoes from them.  But springing for $100 every time I need one pair of shoes hurts.  And considering I'm not super active when I wear office shoes (hello, I'm sitting in a chair) I don't need them to be fabulously well made.  I just want a bit of variety to match different things without always being black, brown or nude.

I had to drive to my husband's job because they FORGOT TO PAY HIM (you peeps should have heard me yelling over this, the yard he is based out of is over 40 miles away, but it was a nice drive this morning and I feel better now) and is close to the mall.  I had to pick up a gift card for Tiger because he is going to a birthday party later today.  And on a whim, I stepped into Payless Shoes, a place I had not bothered with in it at least five years.

Payless Shoes, to me, was a place to buy prom shoes and kid shoes.  But wow, they have CHANGED.  I found TONS of cute flats and heels, completely work appropriate.  And it was Buy One Get One Free week.  I mean, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.  I am so there!

Let me introduce you to my five new pairs of shoes.  Plus the ones I bought at KMart last week.  Holy toledo, I've bought six pairs of shoes in a week.  Good thing Mr. R isn't home, he'd have a heart attack!  Tee hee!

These are a deep purple color.  Comfy, too.

These are a lovely heather gray color.  Cute, no?
These might be the craziest ones I bought.  Red plaid with a ruffle!  Christmas is written all over these bad boys.  They will look amazing with a black dress and red accessories!
Hello!  Navy blue with some type of shearling lining.  Not summer shoes for sure.  But as comfortable as bedroom slippers!
These are the ones I bought from KMart.  I really love these, but they're not work appropriate.  And wow do I need a pedicure.  Hey, at least I shaved.
Another weird one.  Blue leopard, I mean whaaaaaaa?  But comfy and will go with a lot of the blue tops I own.  I own a lot of blue so this will work.

Can wear them with pants at work, or even skirts.  Work appropriate, good for church, ok with jeans if I ever wear jeans, good for just about anything.  And perfectly good in case I don't have time for a pedicure.  This will cure my shoe issues for a while!  Hooray for Payless!

**edit.  Did anyone else notice how white my legs are?  Wowzers.  I didn't mean to blind you.  At least you know I'm protecting my skin, staying out of the sun.  Oh, and I'm wearing a coral colored dress from WalMart I bought about two years ago for $18.  It's one of my favorites.  It has two rips in the bodice area I need to fix, but that's really because I wear this dress at least once a week.

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