Sunday, February 1, 2015

So, I Hear There Is A Football Game Today

I'm going to the party for the food, but I am wiped out and exhausted still.  I have great energy for a while, then I crash unexpectedly.  I wore this new cute outfit to church and got quite a few compliments.

New turquoise dress in a size 16, but still kind of big on the shoulders.  I had bought it for work, but unless I can get my mom to take it in, I can't wear off the shoulder dresses to work.  But the color is great, the length is perfect, and I like the sleeves.  It's in the wash right now because I dropped coffee on myself, so I can't remember the brand.  The black belt is from Ross, and my booties are from Payless.

Extremely cute booties which hurt my feet.  They just need insoles, they actually fit just fine.  Payless in October 2014, second time wearing outside.

I'd say more, but I'm so tired I'm about to down a cup of coffee just so I can stay awake tonight for this Superbowl party.  Have a good party!

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