Sunday, February 8, 2015

My New-To-Me Favorite

I bought this size 18 Jessica London off eBay for $10 plus shipping, and I'm pretty happy with it.  I'm also glad that I bought the 18, because it fits perfectly.  But it's weird because I'm a 14 at Lane Bryant.  Whatever, it's cute!

I sent this pic to my husband and he says my legs are blindingly white and that I need a tan.  Disagree.  I might do self tanner or something, but I won't purposely lay out to get brown anymore.  It ages you tremendously and frankly, I like people being shocked when I mention that my oldest child is almost twenty years old.

The red tank underneath is Target, the shoes are Target, the earrings and necklace are from,   The fresh hair color is from Clairol, lol.  On Friday I did a very deep conditioning on my fried, dried out hair.  Winter in Florida always dries me out and gets me frizzy.  I simply heat up either olive or almond oil in the microwave until it's pleasantly warm, and comb it through my hair until it's saturated.  I then put a plastic shower cap on, and then put a warm towel from the dryer around my head.  It traps the heat and oil on my head and hair.  I leave it on for a few hours, then shampoo as usual.  My hair is gloriously soft, shiny and luxurious again!  The hair color is just a medium brown, but standing in the sunlight gives it a red tint.

Not too much longer and I will have long hair again.  I found a picture on Pinterest that I have decided is my hair goal.  Wanna see?

Guy Tang, whoever or wherever you are, this hair is gorgeous.  I love the length, the layers, and the color!  I sent this to my husband also, and he agreed that this would be a great length.  He wanted me to grow my hair out to my waist again, and I just can't.  It's so heavy that I get awful headaches.  As far as the color, it's considered "rose gold" so it's got both pink and golden tones to it, which I think would be great for hiding gray.  That's one thing about having dark hair, is that those grays show up so fast.  I just need to find out if my new job has any crazy rules about hair color.

Speaking new job starts tomorrow.  I am excited, stoked, nervous, anxious...all of these things.  I went to WalMart and bought myself an insulated lunch bag so I won't be wasting money on eating out every day.  I'll be wearing pants until I discover what their tattoo policy is, 

This is absolutely adorable and appropriate for work.  My husband really loved this dress, he said it might even be his favorite.  My, my, my.

I parted my hair on the other side to give it more body, and had to pin it in place.  I much prefer my hair being parted on this side.  

So, my daughter got her tax refund and did THIS to herself.  That is my youngest son's name.  I cannot believe how huge this tattoo is, and I worry so much that with every tattoo she gets it, she has fewer chances of finding a job that will sustain her.  And I feel bad about that.  She's a good hard worker, and she's going to be judged for this unless she covers up.  She intends to get a half sleeve.  I actually love tattoos, although the ones I got as a teenager mean absolutely nothing to me, and I wish they weren't there.  Do you have a tattoo?

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Anonymous said...

The dress looks great on you. I can't believe you got it for $10, it looks like an expensive and well made dress. Good Luck today (I believe today is your first day on the new job). -Natalie