Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blueprint or Blue Print?

I like this dress a lot more know that I've lost some weight, I feel it falls much nicer.  But now I am thinking that I wish it was closer to knee length.  What do you think?  Could this dress use some hemming?  I call this my blue print dress, and it's a size 1x which I bought from Ross about a year ago.  I forgot a necklace, but am wearing a pair of cheap drop earrings which I think I got from Avenue but can't remember for sure.  And my old gray American Eagle flats.

My son would not even get out of the car to take the picture.  The sun is so bright right now...I really should have worn my shades.  

As usual, completely over my hair.  Yet I got a ton of compliments on it today.  Go figure.

Not sure if that's the sun or a surprise red streak back there?  
I am still kind of reeling over my husband's admission that he finds me to be vain.  It bothered me for a good long time, but I decided that basically, I gotta be me.  If I don't take care of myself, then who will?   So while I don't intend to buy any more clothes right now, that's because I feel like I have enough to serve me well in my new size for right now.  Yesterday, I even bought myself new primer and foundation.  I've actually never tried primer before, but it smelled really good and I did notice that my make up stayed put today.  I threw away my old foundation when I started breaking out really bad.  I took a two week break from foundation and my skin cleared up except for one pimple on my chin.  That made me pretty happy.  I also bought acne face wash and I am going to make a schedule for my skin care.  I'm going to be 39 in two weeks and still suffer from acne which is crazy!

I am wearing Loreal primer and foundation.  And I am liking it!  This is three hours after I applied it and my skin looks fresh and dewy.  I also have Target brand sensitive skin moisturizer underneath the primer and foundation.  Also just had my eyebrows done, and a bit of Cover Girl eyeshadow.  The only thing that faded was my lipstick.   Very pleased with my new, and very quick make up routine.  It took me less than ten minutes to do my entire face; moisturizer, primer, foundation, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick.

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