Sunday, May 4, 2014

Walking On Sunshine...

Well, this is something that I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER done.  I wore head to toe yellow.  (Well, except for my shoes, because I don't own yellow shoes.)

And I loved it.  I wore this entire outfit on Friday to work, except with my gray flats because open toe shoes are a no-no.  I thought maybe because it had rained all day, that I was getting compliments on my sunny outfit.  While every other woman in the office was wearing shades of black, gray or khaki, I was walking around in this.  Every where I walked, people I didn't even know told me how pretty I was and how nice I looked.  Huh.  So I thought, let's try it again on Sunday, as I'll be seeing different people.  And it worked...lots of compliments, smiles, and "Well aren't you pretty!"  So this will be a keeper, even though the shades of yellow don't quite match.

Wow, did not realize my hair was that long again!  I can't believe how fast this mop grows.  

What's that?  Perfectly clear skin?  For the first time in...I don't know...FOREVER?  My new skin care routine is working wonderfully and I couldn't be happier!  What's my secret?  I will tell you, because having acne prone skin has driven me crazy for years!

1) Target brand acne wash, every morning before (or if) I apply make up.
2) Target brand moisturizer for sensitive skin, even if I don't wear make up.
3) Loreal primer
4) Loreal foundation
5) Avon foundation powder to set it.
6) Then whatever make up I wear

Then in the evening before I go to bed

1) dollar store sensitive skin cleansing wash (if I do the acne wash twice in one day, my skin gets very dry and then I start scratching and that's not pretty at all!)
2) Oil of Olay night cream

and that's it.  I swear it, it's all discount products.  Twice a week I also try to do a face mask, I have a Publix one that is just for acne.  It took about a month for my skin to clear, but as you can see it is finally completely clear and I feel radiant!

I have spent the last week driving to the office in Orlando area, and I am so wiped out.  The new person they hired is very sweet and learning very quickly.  I am scheduled to train her until May 14th, and I can't imagine she needs that much more training.  My job is pretty boring, but you know what is more boring?  Watching someone else do it.  Oh my goodness I have diagnosed myself with a coma for the past several days.  I have Tuesday afternoon off to take Tiger back to the surgeon for a post op appointment, and it's not looking good.  I can pretty much guarantee he is going to need more surgery because the poor kid has been suffering greatly and not healing at all.  But I want to wait until he is done with school, and that's IF he can wait.  My poor son.

Then I have two days off for my birthday, May 15th and 16th .  I have no definite plans yet, but I am pretty sure one of those days will include cutting off all my hair.  I am so dissatisfied with it, and over the length and putting it up in a bun constantly.  Especially now that my skin is clear, I want the hair gone.  And I am praying one of my days off will include a beach day.  Woo hoo!

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Savvy Southern Chic said...

I love yellow and it does wonders to brighten moods. You are beautiful in this!