Sunday, January 19, 2014

Yeah, I'm A Mermaid

Today at church, I was helping my bestie unload her car and I said to her daughter, "Good morning!"  Her daughter remained silent, completely unusual for this two year old.  So Ginger said, "Say good morning to Auntie Sarah." 

"No.  Not Auntie Sarah.  Is Ariel."

Well, that's better than Ronald McDonald for sure.  So I sang the song that Ariel sings when Ursula is sealing her voice inside the seashell, and we got to hold hands while we walked to the nursery and talked about how awesome Ariel is and how mean the Sea Witch is.  I just love toddlers!

I always thought Ursula was a great villain. Credit to Disney, of course. 

It was finally busy at work last week.  I don't like being so busy that I feel like I got nothing done all day.  But it had been the exact opposite; I was sitting for half the day praying someone would send me an account.  This past week was perfect, I stayed busy all 8 hours but clocked out feeling like I had a great day.  It's rare for it to happen, so I was glad for it.

This jacket is so warm and toasty, I can only wear it on the coldest of days.  It was 29 when I got up this morning.  Jacket is ON.  Also Mah Boots.  And a puppy who literally will not leave me alone.  Target dress, Target tank, Merona for Target jacket, Walmart tights and my Avenue boots.

My skin is finally clearing up since my surgery.  I still haven't had a period though.  I took a pregnancy test and it was negative.  I guess my hormones are still saying WHAT HAPPENED. 

Super cute but tons of trouble.  The puppy, not me.

Now I know why redheads wear green. 

Feeling cute and sassy in this for sure.

I have been low carbing for three days as of today.  My Publix had all their Atkins shakes on BOGO so I bought like a million of them.  Plus I bought their brand M&Ms....oh they are so delish and really help with that chocolate craving we girls do tend to get.  Of course, I'm not just eating their products.  Tonight I had philly cheese steak, with no bread of course.  We bought steak umms, and then I added mozzarella cheese, and grilled onions and green peppers.  I love onions and green peppers!

When I got all the paperwork back from the ectopic pregnancy, a nurse called me to discuss my diabetes.  Apparently, they now consider it out of control because my A1C is too high.  A normal person should have an A1C of 6.0. A diabetic should have 7.0.  Mine was 7.8.  So all the organic medications I have been trying, have not worked.  Of course, I have been eating terribly and not exercising and that doesn't help at all.  Mr. R got pretty mad when I mentioned out loud that I was considering giving up the organic meds and going to Western medicine.  He HATES regular pharmaceutical stuff and while it doesn't bother me, you know what does? Losing my toes or my vision.  I haven't had an vision appointment in about five years, and I'm tired of putting myself last.  So I got good food with low sugar this past week and while my numbers aren't dropping very quickly, I've already lost four pounds, so hooray.  Low carb works for me except I admit that I miss snacking. But I never snacked on good stuff.  Potato chips especially are my downfall.  Can't wait to go to the eye doctor.  I am waiting for Mr. R to come home for the Superbowl and hope we can get it done the Saturday before and have new glasses next month.  I have headaches every day after work and I know it's because my glasses are too old for me.  Can't wait!

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D'Rae N said...

Love that outfit and you are looking cute!

When you go to get glasses, go to walmart for the eye exam (around $60, i think) and make sure they write out your prescription for you including your pupillary distance.

Then log on to
Upload a photo of yourself and try on all the glasses you want.

Their glasses are cheap, cheap, cheap! I have about 7 pairs now and paid under $200 for all 7 pairs combined!!!

My last pair was a cute red pair with white polka dots. Prescription lenses with anti-glare, etc. and I paid $36 with shipping.