Monday, January 13, 2014

I Wanted This, But I Got That

-I normally do my posts on Sundays, but between laundry, mowing the yard, and desperately trying to house train a puppy, I didn't get to it.  Of course, Miss Puppy woke me up at 3:50am to go outside, and instead of going back to bed, I stayed up, made a pot of coffee, read my Bible, and now I'm here.  I am going to be so tired by noon!

So how is this for a huge change?

This Walmart dress I bought only last August is already starting to pill.  I guess that's why I only paid $5 for it.  Clearly, this is going to end up being a beach cover up.  And that's ok.

Also wearing some Target sandals I picked up about two months ago.  I can't remember how much I spent, but it was under $10 for sure. 

So yes, I dyed my hair.  Actually, my daughter did.  First I went in for a much needed hair cut.  I love, love, love the sideswept bangs.  Then I had her cut about 5-6 inches off the bottom.  I couldn't take the headaches and the weight of that hair anymore, peeps.  I think long hair is goodness I've had hair down to my WAIST.  I can't do it anymore, my hair is so thick and heavy and migraines are not worth it.

After the haircut, Missy bleached my hair so the red would take.  It took over an hour just for my hair to go from black to even a light brown.  Then I rinsed and gave my head about an hour to recover...I had never bleached my hair before and my scalp HURT.  Then we put the red in.  And you know what?  I don't like it very much but my scalp hurts too much to fix it right now and since no one sees me at work, I can live with it for a week. 

My goal was for my hair to look like this:
I don't watch Mad Men, but I love Christina Hendrix's style on the show.
 Instead, I got the hair color of a beloved children's icon:

So, my head is really itchy and in interesting news, my dandruff is pink.  Woah.  I feel like a Power Puff Girl.  I am hoping that by putting a warm shade of brown on top of this fire engine red, maybe I will get a happy auburn.  I can't keep this hair color; I feel ridiculous.  I think I could have done a streak or two of this red but a nearly 40 year old woman should not try the Crayola coloring system unless it's Halloween or a fundraiser. 

As promised, a verse from the Bible.  Our church was talking this week about what church really is, and what being a member really is.  I kind of snorted because my particular church makes becoming a member kind of difficult.  Even though we have been attending for years, my own husband is not an official member because he is never home long enough to do the six classes they require in a certain time period, and I think that sucks.  I wish my church would realize that people have children, jobs that aren't your usual 9-5, and other commitments.  I may talk to the Pastor about that really soon.  My bestie teaches the kindergarten/1st grade class and she's not a member because she lives 45 minutes away and works full time, plus has a 12 year old with severe autism, a toddler and a newborn. But yet she's good enough to teach kindergarten and tithe and serve but we can't figure out a way for her to join the church officially?   For goodness sake, it's 2014, put the class online.  If colleges can do it, then maybe our church can figure it out too.  Anyway, verse time, now that I'm done babbling:

Acts 2:41    Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them.

My Bible is a NKJV, or New King James Version. 

I also have an Amplified Bible and it says for the same verse:  Therefore those who ACCEPTED and WELCOMED his message were baptized, and added that day about 3000 souls.  (emphasis is mine.)

Hmmm, I don't see anything about six classes in either one of those verses.  HMMMMM. 


Anonymous said...

Don’t be too upset about your hair color not looking like Christina Hendrix's. My hair is baby thin and fine. I’m always researching about actresses w/ fine thin hair (yes, I’m weird like that). I’m willing to bet you that at least 90% of her hair in your picture isn’t even hers but extensions/toppers/etc. You may not have the color exactly right (yet) but at least you have the thick/full hair (and hers is fake – I’m 100% sure she would trade places w/ you :-)

Sarah R said...

I research actresses with thick worries I don't find you weird at all!