Sunday, October 6, 2013

He Won't Let Me Sleep

My pictures are terrible today, and I'm not at all surprised.  Mr. R has been home for a week, which means I have barely slept.  Today was Day 4 of  my only sleeping in two hour blocks before The Hubs decides to wake me up for some odd reason.  Either he's doing his best impersonation of a snoring lumberjack, or having an animated conversation in his dreams, or getting up to use the bathroom and then waking me up to tell me the results.  Last night, I dreamt during one of my catnaps that I killed him.  I did warn him; either you let me get some sleep or this could be your last day here on earth.  I came home from church and took a three hour nap.  I feel better, but I need a night of sleep IN MY BED, and not propped up on my couch, where the fan is broken and I sweat like a marathon runner on the leather. 

Anyway, I didn't take the pictures until after my nap.  I don't really look refreshed, but really tired.  Because I am. 

It just rained.  I think my hair gets progressively bigger in these photos. 

Our magnolia tree is doing very well this year!  I'm wearing my George (WalMart) dress which I purchased in Gastonia NC on a visit to see my stepdad back in 2008 or 2009.  And a horribly scratchy orange gradient sweater top which I think I'm going to donate.  I know I complain about Florida's weather a lot, but I think I may be at the point where I can't tolerate fibers I used to wear when I lived in New York.  I can barely stand closed toe shoes, I don't like my legs being encased, socks drive me insane, and sweaters make me itch.  OMGoodness....have I been acclimated?!?!

My peacock pendant from my mom, Christmas 2012.  Last time I wore it with blue, but I tried orange this time and it really popped.  I got lots of compliments on it.

On the first Sunday of every month, we're supposed to wear orange in kids ministry.  I am SICK of trying to find stuff that is orange.  I am seriously thinking about finding an orange wrap dress and then finding ways to accessorize it instead of all this other orange stuff. Orange is not my favorite color.  The only thing I have left in my closet which is orange is my Mets jersey, and don't think I won't wear it to church.  Because I will.  WITH A SKIRT.

My hair is getting longer and I'm trying not to cut it.  I know once I get past this awkward mid-length stage I will like it a lot.  I'm only about 14 inches away from having waist length hair again which is less than two years of growth. 

Yes, sweater.  You're getting donated. 

Nothing else is really going on except that work is exceptionally busy.  The new lady I trained is pretty much up to par.  Then, the lady I trained earlier this year is back from her vacation as of tomorrow.  I might be able to work 40 hours this week instead of 50.  That would be nice.  I know people tend to love OT, and while I'm grateful for it, I worry that my vision is paying the price.  The work itself is not hard, but my back is screaming from sitting in a chair and my eyes hurt.  I have PDO coming up in November and I'm super excited about it.  My bestie Ginger is having her baby while I'm on PDO (prescheduled C-section) plus I have lunch plans with my mom and I plan to do most of my Christmas shopping so December will be more relaxing. 

I hope you, my readers, have a blessed and fruitful week!  I'm going to make some pumpkin muffins and enjoy the steak dinner my husband is grilling outside right now.

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