Sunday, September 29, 2013

Let There Be Gypsies

I did something I have never, ever done last Friday.  I went shopping with other women!  It never even occurred to me, before this Friday, that I had never gone clothes shopping with other women.  I've been with my daughter, and that's it.  My mom is very tiny and doesn't really like clothes; she is a jeans and tee shirt kind of person.  My sister is plus sized like me but she's a teacher and generally wears khakis and her school polo.  Finding my sense of style has been very solitary, except for reading blogs!  But my two friends and I decided to have a girls night out before one (my bestie Ginger!) has her baby in November.  We decided to meet at Lane Bryant because Emily had a $40 coupon which had to be spent in September.  Ginger picked out this skirt for me.  It's actually funny because we gravitated toward it at the same time and then she grabbed it and tossed it to me.  I laughed, it is totally my style and my friend knows me well.  Plus it was 70% off.  Happy sigh.

My son saw my skirt and said "Mom, you should call this skirt The Seizure Procedure."  Well, thank you, Bucket.  Wearing an old blue shirt I've had forever, my brand new gypsy skirt, and pink Avenue sandals.

This skirt is all things I love.  Colorful, elastic banded, sparkly, long.  And $15.  Don't forget that.

My husband is home to take pictures, and they're always better when he does it. 

Yeah....I really love him.
My week at work was not terrible.  While I hated the drive, I did have a good time training the new woman on our team.  I like teaching...not kids really, but I do enjoy chatting and sharing info and helping better be good at their jobs.  And....I have a phone interview with Revenue Management on Monday!   Eeeeep!  I'm so excited.  Mr. R and I have been trying to figure out what to do if I get this job.  Driving into Maitland every day would cost me approximately $500 a month in my Dodge Durango.  I don't know how much more money I'd make, but I can guarantee it won't be enough to cover that much fuel.  I don't know if we'd trade my Durango in, or just use some of Jake's truck money to buy a small car in cash.  But I suppose I should get a job before I go planning on spending his business cash!

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Anonymous said...

You look great in blue - you should wear it more often.