Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm Not Keeping This Dress.

I saw it on eBay back around April or May, and the autumn colors intrigued me.  I bought it for under $20, and regretted it immediately.  Absolutely crappy material, shiny and polyester.  I hung it up and thought, maybe I'll like it come autumn.

Well, I guess the end of September could be autumn in some places.  Not here.  But I tried it anyway.  And while I love the colors, this dress was so cheap that I'm not keeping it.  It was my first time wearing it, and it was already pilling.  Plus the seams are crooked.  Ugh...perhaps it is time to learn how to sew my own clothes.  I want my $20 back. 

Fantastic colors on me.  But I can't keep you, dress.  You're poorly made, itchy, and just no thank you.

I wore my new orange tank which I bought from Walmart last month for $3.  Seriously, besides my new bra, was the best part of my outfit.  Sad.

As soon as I came home, I threw this dress in my hamper and put my blue sweats on.  But kept the tank.  I look like a walking advertisement for the NY Mets.  Blue and orange!

See the crooked seams?  Yeah...we're done with this dress.

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