Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Two For One Deal

I missed taking pictures on Monday.  My kids had the day off and so the timer on my camera decided not to work either.  And I caught in a massive rainstorm on the way home and didn't take any pictures.  But I do have Tuesday and Wednesday pictures today!

First, I am having fun training the new girl (who is a grandmother, so not a girl!) and we are getting along quite well.  I think she's going to be a great addition to our team.  While I'm not enjoying the driving part of this week, I am liking seeing people, getting dressed, that kind of thing.

Tuesday, Sept 24th:

100% humidity + camera flash = Super Sarah.

My Gwen Stefani camo shoes got wet!  How do you fix that water stain?  I'm so sad.
Wednesday, September 25th.  More rain, too.

I did it, peeps.  I wore pants.

All the clothes I'm wearing are thrifted!  Well, the pants and top are.  The cami is JCP purchased last year for $10, these are my very old Target flats, and the necklace is a gift from my mom.  It has matching earrings.

And yes, I felt weird in these pants all day.  And everyone had to make a comment. 

At least I didn't have to put bandaids on my horribly ferocious and offensive bird with a rose tattoo.  I'm so gangster.

Good things happened today.  I was on the phone with the VA (oooh, let me vent here a moment.  VA?  How about an online system or perhaps email?  I cannot believe any company in 2013 has no website for healthcare providers!  I should NOT have to spend 45 minutes on hold to speak with a rep!)  when my boss came by and wanted to introduce me to someone.  I had no idea who, so I hung up on the VA and followed Revenue Management.   Where, I met a lovely lady who stated they were looking for coders and had heard about me.  I was NOT prepared for this at all!  Luckily, I recovered well, shook hands, answered a few questions, and she asked me to send her my resume tonight once I got home since I didn't have one with me.  I agreed, and now I am shaking in my proverbial boots over this!  WOW....I guess going in to train may have actually worked out for me.  If nothing else, it's a chance to practice interviewing.  And that couldn't hurt, right?

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