Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Upper Respiratory Solved

This is my Tiger. Isn't he a handsome young man? Miriam should be able to tell that he is my clone. He has my eye color, my face shape, my nose, my lips and my eyebrow shape! The poor kid even got my butt.
Let's get on with the story.
Tiger had a meeting at the middle school (my baby is starting middle school...SOB!) for the band. He plays alto sax. He brought his sax to show the band director to make sure he could use it for the band. She examined it and said, "You need a new mouthpiece." Which is not a big deal, we've replaced it once already. Then she opened up the mouthpiece and sighed. She looked at Tiger and said, "Do you always keep the reed in here?" He nodded. She pulled it out...and peeps, it was GREEN. With mold. He has been putting mold in his mouth several times a week as he practices!! As my mouth was hanging open, she looks at me and says super casually, "I bet he gets sick a lot." Ummm, yeah. I've got the emergency room copay to prove it.


Julia said...

Ewww! I played clarinet. You'd be amazed how much spit comes out of a woodwind.

Sarah R said...

Ah, you see, I had no idea! I don't play an instrument.
Trust me, it was GROSS!!!

D'Rae said...

I played clarinet too! They can get pretty gross! Also make sure he is swabbing out his instrument each time he uses is!

Sarah R said...

Hi D'Rae, so glad you could join me here!
Yeah, I didn't know that about the swabbing either. Do you just use water or maybe rubbing alcohol?

Miriam said...

oh!! he's cute as a button!!! and looks exactly how I remember you (um, that came out wrong). He looks exactly what you would have looked like when we were in college if you were a boy... um, hahaha, he's Cute as a button!!