Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yeah, It Hurt


For my birthday three weeks ago, Mr. R graciously allowed me some money to buy myself some new clothes. Since I don't work outside the home, my wardrobe tends to consist of sweatpants, tank tops, and flip flops. So I decided to buy a dress for church and for meetings at work. It's a very cute dress. It's sleeveless, but I wear a white shirt over it. It's navy blue and white, with an empire seam under the bust and a dark blue sash. It comes just below my knees. It is super comfortable and I just love it. I decided to wear it to church today. Let me tell you, I thought I looked sharp. I did my hair, my makeup, wore my little white cover-up shirt so I wouldn't look immodest. Had my bag with my Bible, pens, and journal. I walked into my Sunday school class with a cheery hello, and walked to my seat.
"Congratulations!" said one of my fellow worshipers.
I didn't think she was talking to me. I sat down and smiled at everyone.
"Congratulations, Sarah!" she said again, making sure I heard her.
Ummm, congratulations for what? That I'm on time? That I match? That I'm not wearing my hair in a bun, like I normally do?
"On the baby! I didn't know you were pregnant!"
I'm sure my face completely fell. I said, "I'm not pregnant. I'm just fat."
I'm sure I came off as rude, and it wasn't my intent. But that hurt so badly, I couldn't even concentrate on the message at church today. I'm so fat, I look pregnant. She did apologize, and I accepted, and I forgive her. It's not her fault. I am so freaking fat, that I look like I'm hauling an extra person around. Lovely. I made a crack about burning my dress, but it's not the dress that is unflattering. It is me. I can take the time to do my hair, and wear makeup, and buy clothes that intend to hide my lumpy bod, but the fact remains, I am SO OBESE that people think I am pregnant.
Mr. R noticed that I wasn't quite with it today, and when I told him what happened, he didn't know what to say to me. It was an area he didn't want to tread in either, because there is really nothing one can say to make that any better.
Oh. Hop on scale. 273. Crap.


Julia said...

((Sarah)) How humiliating. I know you don't blame her, but really people ought to know better. I never say anything about someone being pregnant unless I am 100% sure because everything is skinny and they look like they are carrying a watermelon under their shirt.

My all time high weight when I was pregnant was 201. I haven't been pregnant in seven years and would be quite happy if I only weighed 201 right now. We can't let us get depressed and give up though!

Miriam said...

hey sweets, Chris and I don't have air conditioning in the house and when it's 95 degrees for days in a row, we are too limp with heat fatigue to eat... so... if you turn off your AC, you'll wilt away to nothing... hahaha, I'm thinking good thoughts your way!