Sunday, June 1, 2008


Shark Attack
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Last weekend, Bucket chose a movie from Blockbuster. You guessed it, Jaws. I said, "That is a scary movie, sweetie." And he got all offended. "I'm a big boy and I don't get scared!" So last night we watched the movie. Tiger was snuggled up in a blanket on the couch (since he's still not feeling well.) Bucket sat on top of me the entire night, trying to watch the movie through his fingers (he had his eyes covered, lol.) Throughout the movie, I mentioned over and over that the shark was really a robot, that great whites don't come to Florida, that it wasn't a true story. None of that mattered. One hour after the movie, Bucket arrived in my bedroom with his pillow and blanket, ready to camp out with me. I said, "Bucket, I told you that the movie wasn't real!" He said, "Mama, my brain is listening to you, but my heart is still scared!"
I just can't resist this kid!


Julia said...

I would have to veto that movie because I live near the beach and I don't want to go with whiny kids who are afraid to get in the water.

Sarah R said...

I don't blame you! We live maybe 15-20 miles from the beach. We don't go very often because of the jellyfish though, not the great whites. ;)