Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Did It! I Read All 31 Proverbs!!

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Good evening, peeps! This morning, I had the delectable pleasure of finishing my last proverb, number 31. The big "doozy" as most Bible readers know, the thirty-first proverb is the one about the excellent wife.
I have days when I do feel like an excellent wife. I also have days when I feel like I shouldn't be allowed to procreate anymore, ya know? I have a full time job. Three children. Home, pets, part time college. To say I am busy is an understatement. But this lady...the Proverbs 31 lady? She's a champion! She makes me feel like a wimp. She gets up early, makes food for not only her family but her staff (makes me wonder, shouldn't the staff be making food? But I digress...) she checks out real estate, plants a vineyard, sells her homemade products, sews, donates to the poor, makes sure her family is ready for any and all weather conditions, and does it all so well that she doesn't even worry about the future. "She laughs at the time to come." Proverbs 31:25! She's smart, strong, dignified, wise, kind, and her husband trusts her implicitly. She is not a lazy slacker. Both her husband and her children praise her.
Ummm, I don't do real estate, I can't sew very well, and don't ask me to plant anything, cuz it will die, ok? Although I do get up while it's still dark, but that is because my alarm clock goes off, not because I automatically rise. The part that makes the most sense to me is Proverbs 31:21 which states "she is not afraid of snow for her household, for all her household are clothed in scarlet." Now, since I live in Florida, there is no snow. But this is about being prepared for seasons. I was just thinking about how it is swimming season and I need to make sure I have enough towels to last these kids! That is planning people...I was being a Proverbs 31 wife by planning for my kids summer swimming schedule.
I totally wanna learn how to knit though. That sounds cool. ;)
In other news, Tiger was in the emergency room today. He started feeling sick last night, so I gave him some kid's tylenol and put him to bed. This morning, he started feeling even worse. By 10am, he was sobbing, telling me his chest hurt, like a sharp pain. At first I was thinking, ok, Mr. Drama Queen, get over it, but then I noticed his lips and the tip of his nose were turning blue. One does not need her nursing degree to know that he was not getting enough oxygen. So I left Bucket with Missy (Mr. R is on his way to Memphis) and rushed him to the hospital. He was seen immediately, and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, along with a condition we already knew he had, called "costochondritis." Yep, big word of the day. Spell it with your eyes closed. Neither one of these conditions are a big deal, but when you have both of them at the same time, it tends to cause chest pain. They put him on an oxygen monitor, and he did pretty well. He was normally in the 95 to 100% range, which is obviously optimal, but a few times, he dipped into the 72-75% range, which is when his lips started turning blue again. He was also shivering even though he was running a fever. We got an antibiotic for his infection and now the kid has an inhaler. It's not asthma, but he does get winded when he exercises. The emergency room doctor says he probably has exercise-induced asthma, but she couldn't check for it now since he was sick. So we are supposed to follow up with his regular pediatrician.
Missy spent the night at her Nana's house, and the boys are eating grilled cheese sandwiches and watching Spongebob.
My first college class ends today. Pretty sure I scored an A for the course, which means FH pays for it all, whoopeeee! Oh, and my hair is past my bra strap again. It is like a weed, peeps. My hair is kudzu. Anyone who has been to the south will know what I mean.
Oh, and Mr. R is back on the baby train again. Now he is the one who wants me to call and make the appointment so we can get this done. I am hoping we can make it for Spring Break of next year. I am so ready.


Julia said...

Sorry to hear about Tiger.

Sarah R said...

Me too. Sick kids are no fun. But he's back at school and feeling much better.