Friday, May 30, 2008

The YMCA Thing Should Work Out OK

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I went to the Y and picked up information on when the free swim times are. Turns out it starts at 3:00 which is perfect. My kids sleep late over the summer, and I should get a good portion of work done before we go swimming. My work is awesome lately. They are allowing employees to take up to 4 hr lunch breaks so we can hang with our kids. I doubt I will take that long, but it's nice to not rush the kids around. I'm going to make a schedule for the summer so the kids always know when we're going to swim.
Missy has horseback riding, Tiger has saxophone lessons, and Bucket doesn't have any formal lessons. I'd love to have him do *something* but he's not interested and there is no point in wasting time and money on a reluctant boy.
So right now, we have the Y lined up, their regular lessons, and possible trips with their Daddy in the truck. Bucket might go to Camp Challenge again, but I'm not certain. And on Thursday nights, Missy and Bucket could go the middle school functions at our church. We also have an annual pass to Deleon Springs State Park and we can go there after work. Does anyone have any ideas on what they can do over the summer that doesn't require me standing over them? We're pretty much past the coloring phase, and they're not exactly crafty kids. Meaning, if I give them ice cream sticks and glue, it could be fatal. Plus I have a new dining room table, lol.
So far, I am thinking of getting puzzles for them to work on. Bucket and Tiger have their Pokemon card collection to play with also. Video games are always a hit, I just don't want them on the games 24/7. Man, summers are tough around here. I have to work and they have to keep themselves occupied. Any ideas, let me know!!!


Miriam said...

plant a garden and keep a garden journal?
volunteer at the local library or church?
oh, and here's a whole site of stuff to look through... good luck Momma!!

Kate said...


I always enrolled my son in a different Vacation Bible School for (almost) every week of the summer. Other weeks I enrolled him in museum kid's camps etc. My son loved all of those Bible schools...and it had some benefit; he is now a pastor and will be leading his own church members in their VBS.

Best Wishes for a Great Summer!

Sarah R said...

Thank you, Kate and Miriam! What great ideas!