Sunday, September 15, 2013

So I Decided To Stop By...

Oh. Hello there peeps.  Yes, I know.  Another week without a peep out of me!  Trust me, it was a long week indeed and frankly I am upset that my weekend is only two days long, because I could use another few days off, after the craziness here.

Last Sunday night, Tiger's surgical scar reopened, to the point where he was gushing blood everywhere and I had to rush him to the children's hospital in Orlando.  He's good now, but we now have a referral to a peds gastroenterologist because the surgeon is now suspecting he may have something called Crohn's Disease, or Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  This poor kid has been suffering for so long, and my heart breaks for him.  I wish I could take on this illness, whatever it is, to give him some comfort. 

Then, my coworker who possibly does even more work than I do, was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  And it appears to be a very aggressive, rare kind.  She is not taking it well, and has been missing work, which means all I do is work, trying to help keep her workload manageable when she does come back.  Which means that I am getting headaches, nosebleeds, and back spasms from sitting at my computer so much.  Then my computer managed to catch another virus which slows me down at work.  When I complained about it to the MIS guys, the accused me of purposely downloading stuff I am not supposed to do, and I challenged them to scour the company PC.  All I do is work on it (I have my personal laptop for my own stuff!) and frankly I don't have time to play games!  I'm trying to do the work of three people!!!

On Friday, I was asked to train the new hire.  I agreed, but frankly, I'm not happy about it.  So I'm good enough to train new people, but not good enough for a raise?  I have been seething over this.  And then when I finally got a break, which was yesterday (Saturday) I ended up with a migraine so bad I ended up sleeping on the cold tiles in my bathroom and vomiting repeatedly.  Oh, and I did take a pregnancy test, which of course was negative, just in case it wasn't a migraine, but early pregnancy.  Nope.  Just my body disgusted with me for not taking care of it, for feeding it really bad food, and for working until my eyeballs want to jump out of the sockets and run screaming for the door. 

Today, I went to church.  It was such a blessing to walk in and immediately be comforted by the welcoming atmosphere.  No one asked me if their surgery was authorized, or asked me how much the copay was.  I did not hear my email ding.  My phone did ring but I had it on silent.  Thank you, Lord, for peaceful, restful Sundays!

My Ross dress purchased March 2013 for #13.  Blue Avenue tank, and purple American Eagle flats with purple Target jewelry.  That's what's fun about this dress...I can pick any color I want to emphasize. 

Now I'm going to go inside, help the boys with their laundry (our machine broke...again...second time this year.  Don't ever buy Samsung appliances!) and get ready for a memorial service at church this afternoon. 


Jill said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for over a year, I think. I feel like I know you and your job sounds terrible. Please consider standing up yourself. Don't agree to train the new person since management didn't think you were good for the position or a raise. You've been passed over and over because they know a good thing--you! Good luck and I hope tiger gets better!

Sarah R said...

You have a really good point, Jill. Perhaps I've been so tired I haven't considered it. Unfortunately, I already agreed and so I will train this new person. However, we have TWO new people and before I agree to train the second one, I need to have a serious talk with my bosses about why I was passed over. So thank you for that advice!