Sunday, September 8, 2013

Jennifer @ Living the Creative Life!

Oh peeps....LOOK AT MY BLOG.  LOOK AT IT!!!!

Is Jennifer from not amazing?  Look at what she did for my blog!  I told her what I wanted (coffee themed) my favorite colors (red and beige) and she took it from there.  I am so incredibly happy with how pretty she made it, and so functional, too!  Peeps, if you write a blog but don't know how to make it beautiful or functional, I ask you to please contact Jen and she will do an amazing job for you as well!  Like I said, my blog was "ok" before, but now it is just AMAZING and I have Jen to thank for it!  Jen, you are awesome!

I have another new dress to debut.  I'm telling you, the deals are out there.

I did not jump on the mint bandwagon like everyone.  This is the first mint colored piece of clothing I've owned since 7th grade.  I think the gray body of the dress makes this wearable because this pale green is not my favorite color.  But it had an interesting neckline and I could wear it on a day when I forgot to shave my legs.

Target dress, $12.48 clearance rack special purchased Sept 2013.  Gray American Eagle flats are about two years old. 

This is a hallway at church.

Loving my new black hair color.  And...I think I'll skip the haircut and let it grow out. I know all I do is keep putting it up, but the weather will soon be nice enough to wear it down again.

Cute shoes!


Anonymous said...

The new Blog layout looks AWESOME!! You look nice in your maxi dress. Long hemlines do not look good on me, I think I'm too short :-( -Natalie

Londyn said...

Love it!!

Beautiful dress :)

Sarah R said...

Thank you both! It's wonderful to hear from both Londyn and Natalie. Natalie, I am beween 5 foot 3 and 4 depending on who is measuring. I wouldn't worry about it!