Monday, September 2, 2013

Oh. Hi There.

Well now, I disappeared there for about nine days.  I had one of those weeks where it seemed to never end, and the bad news continued to hit me.  One of the members of my team at work quit, so we had to split her work up between me and one other coworker, which has not quite doubled my workload but overtime will be essential until Christmas, more than likely.  Then I was anonymously accused of a crime at work; not just an error in judgment but actual felonies.  I was eventually cleared of the accusation but I was a total wreck until it was taken care of.  My work computer also crashed, so I had to bring it in.  Management doesn't like when this happens, as they worry about confidentiality issues.  So imagine how upset I was when I came in, had it fixed, and now it's not working again.  That means I have to drive in again tomorrow to have it looked at again. Then, I got my period a week early (possibly from stress), put a large damper on the holiday weekend I was supposed to spend with my husband (I don't know about all of you, but I play no games during my flow week.  Just no.  Not going there.)

But admittedly, I have been happily shopping quite a bit.  "End of season" sales crack me up because it's not the end of the season here.  I easily have 6-10 weeks of hot hot summer left.  The temperatures don't tend to go below 80 until mid October.  This weekend, it was close to 100 here in Central Florida.  End of season, my patootie!  So shopping I went.

I picked up this very cute Faded Glory maxi dress at Walmart while taking my boys back to school shopping about two weeks ago.  It was...I kid you not...$5. It's a size 1x and perfectly roomy.  The blue was also an option in my size but I decided one tye dye maxi dress was probably enough for me, so I chose this delightful emerald color.

I know these are terrible pictures.  My husband was not happy with my bugging him to take pictures.  And admittedly, I had just been crying so I look horrible (saw the movie Courageous...if you have daddy issues, be prepared for tears  and heartache.)  I cried so hard I gave myself two nosebleeds and I didn't even finish watching the movie.

This could easily translate to maternity....maybe someday. 

And this is my only racerback dress.  I wore it with a strapless bra and all was right in my world.

Other things at Walmart:  tank tops or camis!  They were on sale for $3.  THREE BUCKS.  Oh my word, I totally stocked up.  I wear tanks under just about everything for modesty issues and also for sun protection.  I bought ten new camis in lots of great colors:  emerald, white, yellow, magenta, red, orange, cobalt, purple and two patterned ones.  I also just colored my hair black.  It's just a bit darker than my usual hair color, and actually matches my eyebrows. 
I applied for another job at the hospital, this time in scheduling.  But if I don't get it, I'm going to stop applying for jobs for a while.  I am sort of thinking that the tide may be turning at work.  Lots of interesting stuff coming up (changing programs at work, work flow changing, hiring a few more people) and I sort of want to see how it goes.  Plus, I just like being home.  I've said it many times, but I am a homebody.  In fact, after dinner tonight (which is a delicious Italian dressing marinated chicken with a big green salad, YUM!!!) I need to go clear off my desk, redo some of the wiring, and put the cpu in my beach bag so I can drag it into the office tomorrow.  Mr. R and I are going rearrange the desk to make it more efficient.  Plus we are supposed to start using TWO monitors for work...EEEEEEEK!  I feel so nerdy!

In fun expecting a guest post from a friend very soon, and some changes to my blog! 


Jill said...

What kind of felony could you be charged with in insurance?

Sarah R said...

This person was accused of telling patients their procedures or tests had been authorized, when they were actually denied. It robbed the patient of the choice to wait so the request could be resubmitted, to cancel, or to go ahead and do the procedure as a self pay procedure. Then the patients got huge bills for the full price instead of just their copays or deductibles. It's considered insurance fraud and it's a very big deal.

ann wood said...

Oh sounds like such a difficult week. Hope this coming week is less stressful for you. I know this heat in Florida lasts for a long time. Your dress is such a great color. Thanks for joining my blog and adding a comment.

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