Sunday, August 4, 2013

Too Hot To Be Outside

Poor Tiger.  I roped the kid into taking my pictures, but it was so humid that the lens kept fogging up.  We ended up taking pics by the laundry room.  And this new computer doesn't seem to have an editing option on photos, so the pics are what they are.

Also, my son seems to forgot that I have feet.

Wearing the lovely blue gray necklace and earring set my mother made me.

Just pretend you don't see dirty clothes on the floor, ok? Humor me.

Goofy face has been made.  It's now time to get to church.
So, in baby news:  I have nothing to share.  I started my cycle again yesterday which actually pleased me quite a bit.  For a woman who is nearing 40, my cycle is very predictable.  My last period started on July 7th, and so I had predicted I'd get it again August 4th.  Instead, I got it August 3rd.  I go 27-29 days pretty much like clockwork.  I talked to a friend of mine who is a doula and she suggested that I try an OTC progesterone cream.  Apparently, for older women like me trying to conceive, a lot of women get pregnant and then their systems can't support a full term pregnancy. The progesterone helps women sustain pregnancies if they're low on hormones, which can happen for an older mom like me.   Considering that I got to nearly second trimester before I lost Fergus, that made sense.  So I purchased the cream on Amazon.  Going to use it tonight, and not even sure if Mr. Ri will make it home at the correct time.  This conceiving business is hard to do when the man is not around.  Sheesh.

Oh, no news on the promotion I applied for.  But I did end up with a second job!  At least, I think I did.  And I'm crazy for even thinking I can pull this off.  A friend of mine is a certified financial planner, and she works for a company where the president does a radio program.  This company wanted someone to read the transcription of the radio program, and then edit it into an article which would then be published on their website.  I am basically editing the article until it's readable.  I had fun doing it, but it took me a really long time.  I know I'd get better at it as time goes on, but I sure hope they hire me.  I'd be considered self employed so I have to put in a bid for what I'd charge them per article.  I've asked a lot of friends and the general idea is somewhere between $50-75 per article.  Right now the number in my head is $65.  I need to put money aside to cover my taxes, plus tithe, plus finally putting money into savings, and then start paying off my debt like mad.  I have medical bills and student loans that I am sick to death of seeing.  If they do hire me, none of this money will be going toward dresses, or hair, or shoes.  Debt and savings only.  Boring, I know, but so be it. 

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Ooh I love this dress! Where'd you get it?