Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Well, That Took Some Time...

Some time over the week, either a cat or a child knocked my beloved red laptop off the table and it crashed into a million pieces. 
It was time was a 5 year old laptop and was slow and clunky.  I took it to a computer repair store just to get the 5 years of family photos and all my Herzing University papers plus my resume onto a hard drive, and then I got a new laptop!
It's weird, I am so not used to it.  It has Windows 8 and I am so lost.  So far the only sites I have been on are facebook and this blog. 

So here are my late Sunday pictures.

New WalMart dress, purchased for the price of $12.  I almost didn't keep it, I was convinced it looked like a nightie.  My husband convinced me to keep it (I know!  And that makes him a keeper, too!)  It is kind of a halter top, and it's a bit detailed on the collar.  But it's VERY low cut and so I wore my Avenue tie cardi to keep the girls under control for Sunday school.  I finished it up with pink flip flops and pink earrings.  And humidity...can't forget that.

Bucket took my pictures on this day, and I purposely stood in this spot because the glare was so intense.

My husband actually tied this scarf in my hair, but it didn't stay long.  It fell out and I stuffed it in my purse before any kids could choke someone with it.

Next time I'll take a picture of the neckline.  I also bought this dress in YELLOW but it's pretty transparent.  I need to buy a new longer slip which is more flesh toned, before I wear it.  And I am thinking about heading back to WalMart because I am pretty sure this dress came in pink, too.

So, a few other things have come up.  One, I applied for a senior rep position in my department.  I am not getting anywhere in coding and I'm tired of doing the same ol thing. 
Two, my beautiful daughter turned 18 on July 29th.  I cannot believe it; I am the mother of an adult.  How in the world did that happen?

She is 18, beautiful, sassy, and amazing.

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