Tuesday, August 6, 2013

19 Years

Today is my 19th anniversary.  I cannot even believe I've been married for so long; it's half my life!  HALF. MY. LIFE.

He's not even home.  He was home for Missy's birthday, so he couldn't be home for this.  That's ok.  I needed the sleep.  I NEVER sleep well when he's home.  He snores really loud, plus he talks in his sleep.  And he falls asleep watching TV which keeps me up when I'm trying to sleep.  Then of course I have to get up to work in the morning, and he sleeps until noon...and then wonders why I'm a grouch.  So while I love you so much, honey....thanks for leaving so I could get some sleep!

I have been thinking so much about the baby who should be here right now.  I was due last week.  To think, I should have a newborn baby muffin right now.  I miss her tons.  My friend Ginger and I both lost babies last year, and we like to think that our girls are having a tea party in Heaven with Jesus.  It brings both of us so much comfort.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your wedding photo - I love looking at old wedding photo albums (and it makes it even better when the marriage actually lasted :-). You really haven't changed all that much - still pretty & stylish!

Sarah R said...

Awww, thank you! I think my husband has changed way more than I have! I'm only two sizes larger than I am in this picture (was a size 16 when I got married, now I'm an 18/20) and my hair is practically identical. I had auburn hair when I got married and I still go back to that shade at times. I promise, though, I'm way more stylish now than I was at age 19. Youth is wasted on the youth...I used to wear horrible boys jeans, chunky black shoes, and concert band shirts with plaid flannel shirts over it. What can I was the grunge 90s!