Friday, July 5, 2013

Red, White, Blue and Fifteen

We had a party at our house for the 4th of July.  We had not held a real party in years and let me tell was fun but my house is a wreck!  Mr. R took Bucket out for birthday festivities (video game trading and purchasing) while I get to do laundry and dishes on my day off.  Not cool!

Avenue dress purchased in 2010 for under $30 (can't remember) size 18/20 and Lane Bryant red wrap top, also size 18/20.  Red Kmart sandals, under $10 in 2011.  Blue pendant necklace, Target in 2012 for $12, and red dangle earrings, InPink, free via contest.

I didn't realize Mr. R took this picture of me.  I feel sassy. 

I would definitely wear this outfit again.  Cute tops that can go with a navy and white dress: Kelly or grass green, sunshine yellow, a perky orange!  I might be wearing this dress more often.  I am often mistaken for a pregnant woman in this dress (it has a sash that ties in the back, looks very maternity, plus of course I'm a chubster) and have missed wearing it!

You just can't go wrong with a basic wrap top.  Goes well with everything.  Can be adjusted if you're feeling bloated or not.  I need MORE MORE MORE.

Time to stop taking pictures.  Time for burgers and fireworks!

Yes, yes.  I'm adorbs.  But there is someone cuter than me below!
Today is my youngest son's birthday.  Bucket is 15 today.  He wouldn't let me take his picture, so I decided to post a cute picture of him at 18 months instead.

He had just dumped an entire bag of flour on his head, and like any good mama would do, I took a picture and THEN cleaned him up.

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