Sunday, June 30, 2013


I wore one of my favorite dresses today, because I was feeling ho hum about it all.

Avenue dress, purchased in 2011 (? maybe 2012).  Also wearing an Avenue cardi and my nude Target flats. 

I wear this when I'm feeling blech.  Ho-hum.  Bored. 

Very cute.  Magic dress saves the day!

Nothing much to report here.  Just been kind of sad lately, because I should be about 8 months pregnant right now.  Obviously, I've had no luck getting pregnant again.  I just wonder what the Lord has for me.  I'm really ok either way it will go, but not knowing just bothers me.  Praying that I am right now, but I won't know for another week and I don't feel particularly pregnant.  Sigh...the waiting game is a hard game to play.

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