Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lime With Envy?

For some reason, that doesn't make sense.  But this dress sure is cute!

Yes, it's a dress.  The top?  It is TINY.  As in, there is no room for my girls to be comfy.  And I couldn't find my sewing scissors so I wore it anyway, and then threw my trusty black wrap top over it so I could wear it today.  I bought this yesterday at Goodwill for the lovely price of $6.38!  It will be a maxi skirt as soon as I find my scissors!

Goodwill dress, purchased yesterday.  Black wrap top, had forever.  Avenue sandals, white pookah shell necklace from my friend Carmella and white rose earrings from another thrift store.

Comfy!!!! Breezy, gauzy cotton dress...hmmm it seems familiar? 

Oh, that's right.  I own basically the same dress in orange!  I wore this on March 24, 2013.

Avenue sandals which I also own in pewter.  Do you buy multiples of outfits you like?  I admit I'm guilty.  When I like something, I like it.  Oh, also using scar removal cream on those two marks on my left foot. 

Guess who is learning to drive now that he's 16!  Hello, Tiger!

The girl is not amused. 

Oh well, at least the cat is happy to see me. 

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