Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More in Control Than Ever Before

Just feeling blessed these days, my friends.  And trust me, it is NOT over the election.  Ugh, Rick Scott won.  I'm a Biblical conservative and I did NOT vote for him.  I'm disturbed that the citizens of Florida chose a person who would steal from the elderly.  *shake my head*  Anyway, this is NOT a political blog at all.  I don't like politics.  I avoid it like the plague.  Mr. R loves it and it makes me want to vomit.  So let me get onto the real stuff:

Blood sugar has been excellent lately.  My physician told me I could take only half the metformin she prescribed me.  Little does she know that I completely stopped taking it.  I am taking cinnamon pills instead.  She is not aware; and that's fine by me.  I will keep up on my labwork and if my blood sugar starts to go back up, I will go back to the metformin.  But for now, my results are excellent and I prefer using the cures God gave us through excellent nutrition and the natural plants around us.

Didn't apply for management position.  Super glad I didn't.  I'm not management material.  I like being home.  The coding position would allow me to work from home, so I'm ok with it.  Haven't heard back yet though, which is typical.  They take forever to go over applications.  For now, I will stick with what I do, and do my best.

Mr. R and I are doing the vasectomy reversal next summer.  I know!  And I promise you all, I didn't nag him.  Seriously!  I prayed that he would change his mind before I hit 40 (I'll be 36 in May.)  Other than that, I am doing my best paying off debt, finishing up school, and trying to keep a lovely home.  HE is the one who brought it up, I promise.  And it was so out of the blue, that I nearly fell out of my chair when he mentioned it.  It was when I was talking to him about how Missy was driving me crazy (excellent timing, no?)  He said, "If she's driving you crazy, what's going to happen when our next baby girl is born?"  Let me tell you, that will catch your attention.  I said, "Don't tease me.  That's not nice."  and he said, "Let's plan for next summer.  Let me get the plant season out of the way (that's next spring, February through May is his busiest time of year.  He probably makes half his yearly salary during those three months.)  I will call the reversal place in January and set the appointment.  I will keep all receipts because a vasectomy reversal is tax deductible.  We will be calling Mr. R's mom to stay with the kids for about two-three days while we go to Tampa to get the procedure done.  It costs...sigh...$5000.  You have to put down a $1000 deposit the day you make the appointment, which is why I'm waiting until after Christmas.  Then that will give me about 6-7 months to save up the $4000 remainder, plus hotel room for two days, and gas both ways.  It's not very far from our house to Tampa, about 2 hours.  We will not go into debt to do the reversal, so I will be saving up the cash next year.

I pray that all of you will be praying for us as we do this.  While I still have to work, I will get to be at home with my baby.  We're very excited about the potential for us to add to our family. 

I am just feeling very content with my life right now.  I have the Lord who loves me, and I love Him.  A man who adores me, children who I love, a decent job, friends, family, an amazing church family.  I'm just feeling the love, lately.  And I want to shout it from the rooftops...I AM BLESSED!!!


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

A blog of gratitude! Amen, Sarah. It's good to be thankful for what we have. So many are not as fortunate.

Sarah R said...

I am extremely grateful these days, Terry. And congrats on your bloggy break. I've considered it myself.

D'Rae said...


Kelly said...

My girlfriend and her dh went to FL for his reversal surgery. They saved for a good long time.

It's good to hear from you. Did you have a nice time with Mr. R home? How long is he home after being gone that long?

I'd love to find a work from home job. I am clueless how to go about that, though.

Sarah R said...

Oh Kelly. We had six glorious days together. Darned shame that I had to work, but it was awesome. Normally, they wouldn't give him that long, but he had some major truck repairs that had to be done so he had to wait.
Be careful of those work from home fraud schemes! I had to work at the hospital for a year before I was eligible.