Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Can God Use You Today?

As you might know, we live in Florida, known as the Sunshine state.  Well, today it is raining, but I thank God for it, because we hadn't had rain in a month and we were under red flag fire warnings.  I woke up to that familiar taptaptap on my roof and I just grinned.  I absolutely adore a rainy day and am so bummed that I have to work instead of baking muffins and listening to music. 

I was sitting at the computer typing away this morning when one of Bucket's friends came to the door.  He was wearing a thin shirt and shivering.  He said, "It's raining!"  I just nodded and kept typing but this poor child kept shivering.  It was Tiger who said, "I think we might have an extra sweatshirt!"  So Bucket ran into his room and pulled out a sweatshirt we bought him last Christmas, and his friend slipped it on.  I said, "Did you forget your sweatshirt this morning?"  and this boy shook his head and said, "I don't have one."  (Now before you think poorly, we hardly ever use sweatshirts down here, it is a rare occassion, especially in November to even need a cardigan or sweater.)  This weekend, it is supposed to get into the 40s, which is really odd for November, so I told him to keep the sweatshirt until his mom replaced his, or he found one in his house.  He grinned at me and said, "I really like this one!  Thank you!"

A sweatshirt.  A plain brown sweatshirt blessed this child on a cold rainy morning.  I wish it was always this easy to be a blessing to someone.  Maybe it is.  I'm glad God used our extra sweatshirt to keep a boy warm this morning.  I'm glad I could be used.

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