Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Have a Fun Day Planned!

First, I slept until 8am.  Glorious.  My body feels amazing this morning!
Second, I'm about to clean the kitchen (the boys did something in it after I crashed last night), start dinner in the crockpot, and sweep the house.
Third, I am going OUT today.  I will probably leave here between 10 and 11.  I'm going to shop at KMart and put clothing items and maybe a few video games on layaway.  I don't really need to use layaway, but it's hard to hide stuff in my house.  So layaway it is.  I will pick the items up sometime after December 8, because I have three days off work that week and will be able to wrap it all while the kids are school.  I KNOW, I'M A GENIUS!!!

Then, I'm going to Mr. R's sister's house to pick up our cell phone.  She ran up a $400 bill last month and basically doesn't care; we did pay it, but Mr. R finally had enough and asked for the phone back.  (I refrained myself from the "I told you so, but I sure thought about it!")  So I get to do the dirty work and go get it.  We will probably be changing our plan with Sprint; not sure yet.  I'm hoping for a new phone out of this deal; mine is old and useless.  I can't even talk and text at the same time.  

At 2pm, I'm going to an Avon party.  I don't wear Avon makeup, but they do have cute, inexpensive jewelry that I thought I could pick up a few things for Missy, Nana and my sister Kelly for Christmas.  Plus, I like to help my friends out.  I buy MaryKay from Nicola, Pampered Chef from Renee, so I don't see why I can't purchase Avon from Natalie.   

I have fallen completey off the meal plan bandwagon, and intend to get back on.  I don't feel good.  My blood sugar is stable, but I felt better with that weight off.  I haven't even weighed myself; I can tell it came back.  But hey, I know what works, I know I can do it, and I'll be back.  

Here's praying that all my bloggy friends have an amazing day planned today too! 


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