Thursday, October 18, 2012


Last Saturday, I babysat for my friends.  A couple with a birthday only three days apart, I figured the best gift was a night out on the town.  During that evening, my back started to feel achey and I assumed my period was about to start.  Not only did that happen, but I ended up with a urinary tract infection which went to my kidney, an ear infection, a fever, plus impacted cerumen (ear wax.)  I am what is called in medical circles: A HOT MESS.  Calling in sick was not an option, as one of my coworkers got married last week and is on her honeymoon.  So I worked through the pain, in fact I even got some overtime due to my coworker being out and trying to keep her stuff up to date.

Throughout all that, Tiger started puking.  Running a temp.  Then he felt better.  Then he felt worse again.  Then he rebounded; I got up this morning and found Bucket throwing up.  Missy was in her room spraying everything with Lysol so she wouldn't get sick.  Mr. R is leaving for upstate NY tomorrow and I think he's happy to get away from us sick people.  And I don't blame him.

Long story short, I'm not taking pictures while we're all disgusting.  Sorry.


Jill said...

Sorry you are all ill. Funny post, though.

Cheriz Angel said...

Hope you guys feel better. I would almost venture to say to that urinary track infections are worse than child labor! No joke.

Sarah R said...

Thanks, Jill. I try to keep my humor up even when I'm down. It always seems to make everything better. And Cheriz...well, they certainly last longer than labor! I am finally feeling better and I'm going to continue my antibiotic course even though I'm not in pain anymore.