Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cheap Wig

The grays were quickly multiplying on my head again and so Missy bought haircolor for me and covered it all up.  I thought it looked good.  I identify with being a dark brunette.  So why do I hate these pictures so much?  Why do I feel like an older woman, trying to look young?  Despite the fact that dark brown/nearly black IS my actual natural hair color, it feels contrived and "off" lately.

Clearly, a home done hair cut.

Can you believe this is WITH leave in conditioner?

I wore my favorite Avenue dress.  Man, what a great dress.  Thank you, Avenue!

Avenue dress, size 18/20, bought end of 2011.  Walmart navy cami, about to fall apart, bought in 2010 I think.  And American Eagle flats, bought in 2009? 

I just feel pretty in this.  Minus the hair.

Even from the back.

I bought this pendant on  The chain is mine.  It says "I love someone with autism", and I surely do.

Surprisingly comfortable gray American Eagle flats.  I think the rosettes are sweet.

I should have worn heels, but I didn't have any that I felt went with this outfit.

I had a great day at church.  I was able to pray and praise Him with my fellow worshippers and it was just awesome.  The weather is cooling down, only 82 today!  My kidney infection has gone away, I had no cramps, and the husband got a good trip to upstate NY.  I have a department meeting at the hospital tomorrow, so even though I have to drive in, I am grateful for a chance to get out of the house for a bit.  There is an opening in my department for a senior rep position, and I'm thinking about it; although I did not go to school to be in  management.  I could use a challenge, and this would still allow me to work from home.  I am *thinking* about it, have not made any decision at all.  I am leaning toward NOT taking that kind of position, because you have to drive in a lot and Missy uses my car now.  So probably not. 

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