Sunday, October 28, 2012

These Boots Were Made To Hurt My Feet

But I still love them.  My only pair of boots, and it finally got "cold" enough to wear them.  By "cold" I mean under 70.  And I was sweating so bad by the time I got home my socks were wet.  Adorbs, no?

My hair can attest that it's a windy day!

This is an Avenue outfit!  Purple cardi, black sleeveless dress, and boots are all from Avenue.  The necklaces and earrings are Target.

Church was great.  We have a lot of events coming up (a Chik Fil A night, a bowling event, a potluck in the park!) and I just really love hanging out with my church family.  I'm especially looking forward to the potluck; what can I say, I like food.

I love the way these boots fit, but eventually they start to sag.

Even my fat knees can't hold them up! 

I wish I'd had a brooch or something to hold this cardigan together.  There are no buttons or zippers on it.  I like it because it's very lightweight and a nice purple color, but it has very little shape and eventually falls right off me.

I need to experiment with some new make up looks.  I do the same thing all the time!  And still wishing I could cut my hair, but I'm trying to honor my husband and letting it grow.  Unfortunately, it makes me very unhappy.  

I'm going to make a gourmet dinner of mac n cheese with hot dogs, and then clean my atrocious desk before work starts tomorrow.  I can't believe it's almost Monday.  I'm so offended.

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