Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 3 of June Dresses; Tell Me That Again

I received no less than four compliments on my outfit today.  I don't know if it's because of the shoes:

Or the dress I bought for my birthday:

Avenue dress, bought May 2012, around $27.  Shoes are old, old, old; I'm thinking 2002.  They are brand name RSVP.  I call them my "Gwen Stefani" shoes.  No doubt!  They are pointy and hurt like the dickens.  And the python stretchy belt came with the dress.  I am wearing Lane Bryant hoops and a wooden stretchy bracelet.
I don't consider myself shallow, although perhaps taking pictures of myself clothing and posting it online may seem to contradict that.  I promise, I am perfectly comfy in a pair of sweats and tank top, I just don't take pictures of that.  I believe that in this casual world, that getting dressed up for church is a joy and a privilege.  Why wouldn't I want to honor Him and be respectful in a house of worship?  But even I was surprised at how many people came up to me to tell me how nice I looked.  And I'll be honest; I loved it.  I don't consider myself particularly pretty - average, at best.  But I believe in understanding your body, knowing the parts that you love (my feet, my legs, my shoulders, my rear, my blue eyes) and doing your best to camouflage the parts I am not crazy about (my stubby thighs, potbelly, flabby arms, spotty skin and double chin), to stand tall, smile, and just be glad to be alive.

It was a good day to wear heels.  A lot of people were on vacation so I didn't have any kids to work with today.  Instead, I sat on the floor and played with Baby Gigi who was playing in an exersaucer.  It was a riot watching her.  I wish I had brought my camera!

This dress is a keeper.  Thank you for the birthday coupon, Avenue!

In other interesting news:  my community is about to pass legislation allowing homeowners to keep chickens in their backyard.  Mr. R is totally on board; he grew up in a rural area and as a kid, went to the hen house to get eggs.  I grew up in Queens; I remember being shocked when I saw real chickens for the first time and realized that the chicken we bought in packages from the grocery store came from farms.  Farms are real places?  With barns and fields and apple trees with a swing?  Wow...I thought that was only in storybooks!


RJ said...

you look so cute

Kelly said...

I'd love chickens......

You look awesome! The shoes are great, the dress is great, you are great. And it shows that it makes you feel great.

Sarah R said...

I did feel great today. And I was super proud that Gigi didn't throw up on me today. Then I went home and promptly dropped a cup of coffee down the front of that dress. It's in the washer right now. My goodness, you can't take me anywhere!