Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 4 of June Dresses; Saving This One For Another Time

I have very, very good luck with Merona for Target dresses.  So good, in fact, that I frequently pick them up on eBay without a thought because they are consistently right on...well, target.  Ha!  I wish I could say the same about this dress.  Maybe I should have thought about it when I saw how many were being sold online.

Merona for Target dress, bought this year for under $20.  Merona flats, $6.98. 

It actually looks cuter from behind.  This is a size 1 from their plus size line.  I also tried it on with a black belt, and it made it worse.  I will show no evidence of this; I already deleted it off my camera in horror.

Real conversation I had with Mr. R regarding this dress:

Me:  Ta da!  What do you think?
Hubs:  Oh, you're buying maternity dresses already?
Me:  This is not maternity.
Hubs:  OH CRAP.


RJ said...

Oh Look how cute you look :)

Kelly said...

It does look great from behind....but from the front...the stripes do weird things on the top...really...stripes should go straight down LOL. It's a really cute cut on you, but a different pattern would look better I think.

And of course you have great hair....I will forever have hair envy.

Sarah R said...

Thank you, RJ!
I want to look nice both coming and going, Kelly, so I think this will either wait until I get pregnant, or get sold on eBay as well.
I'm really loving this little experiment; learning what works best and what needs to go is so helpful.