Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 5 of June Dresses; Beachin' It.

Received a text from my friend Renee asking me to come to a memorial to honor her mom, who passed away two years ago today.  Even though she gave me less than 24 hours, I emailed the Powers That Be and got permission for a half day.  And I spent the afternoon at the beach.  It was the BEST afternoon I've spent in a long, long time!

Me.  Learning to use both the self timer and the tripod.  Errrr, ok.

Me: Wearing an awesome $7 fedora from Walmart and $10 shades also from Walmart.  And now that I think about it, this dress is also from Walmart.  I bought it back in....I want to say 2006.  It's pretty beat up.  But it's comfy.  Oh, and my friend Natalie made the necklace for me, I've worn it on the blog before.

This is when you know it's time to leave.  Bad storm rolling in.

Yep, bye Renee.  See you later!
I didn't bring my swimsuit, which was stupid.  I did get into the water, and it felt delicious.  I'm telling you, I need a beach condo.  Not want, need.  The beach is in my blood and I am so at peace there!

Natural exfoliation thanks to sand from Ormond Beach.

Days off are awesome.

But it's time to feed hungry children.  Goodnight!


RJ said...

Oh you look so adorable, love the hat on you...

RJ said...

;) Im nabbing the pic to post on my blog ;)

Sarah R said...

RJ: I love the hat, too! It took me a while to find one I liked. I have a big head and a ton of hair (even though it's short.) And which picture did you like?

RJ said...

the one of you in the Green dress :)you under a tree..

D'Rae N said...

1. That hat is adorable! I love great walmart finds!
2. The self timer and tri-pod do get eaiser. I promise.
3. I think I have that same dress but in orange!
4. Hubs and I have talked about moving to the beach once we finish school. I think we are going to make it happen!

Sarah R said...

RJ...funny, that's one of the pictures I liked the least, but have at it. Just no targets drawn over me, ok? lol
D'Rae...I already caught my daughter stealing the hat. GoodNESS. Can't hide anything in this house! I also have the dress in blue! I looked online once I got home: condos in Ormond Beach, oceanfront, 2bedroom2bath are in the $150,000 range. I found about 30 of them. True, they are all around the 3rd or 4th floor, not top floor. But hello it's the beach...who cares what floor you're on. YOU'RE AT THE BEACH!