Monday, June 10, 2013

An Open Letter To Those Who Work In Direct Sales

Dear friend, or should I say, person who used to be my friend.

I know, the economy is in the toilet.  People are desperate to make ends meet, to feed their kids, and to have a flexible job.  I so get it!  These kind of jobs are so enticing when you have children, can't work a regular 9 to 5, or even get hired for a 9 to 5.  Or a 3 to 11, whatever rocks your boat.

But I miss YOU.

Instead of text messages asking me to meet you at the beach, or for coffee, you ask to me host a party at my house for your business.  When I politely try to skirt the issue, you cheerfully say, "Well, I don't mind what your house looks like!"  Never mind that it's not my house that's the problem (but thank you for letting me know you don't approve of my decor) but the fact that I am exhausted after working 40-50 hours per week and would rather read a book and spend time with my kids!

Please don't leave posts on my facebook page, asking to buy your weight loss products, or your fancy cookware, or the perfect developmental toys.  When you see me at Publix after having worked a 10 hour shift, please don't happily exclaim that your miracle eye cream will make me look ten years younger.  No, it won't.  Sleep makes me look ten years younger, and not having to work so much.  Not your $80 eye cream. 

I don't need any more magazines (although, admittedly, I do love to read!)

Your kids are adorable but I can't purchase candy, candles, gift wrap, chocolate, popcorn and cookie dough from every person's child I know.  I'd be broke. 

I promise you, friend, that if I'm interested in your product, I will happily ask you about it.  In the past, I have purchased Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Avon and Princess House and some random jewelry company which I don't remember.  I realize many of these products are awesome, but I can't just buy $300 worth of new cookware, as much as I'd love to.  And then I feel bad because you're not reaching your goal.  Because some of this stuff is so pricey, I can only purchase one piece at a time.  Please don't be upset when I buy the $25 item, instead of the $100 item.  I'm on a budget too.  Also, please remember where I live.  If you are selling fuzzy mittens and winter boots, I'm not your customer.  I need sunblock and flip flops.  And don't try to get past that by saying, "Well, next time you visit, you'll be all set!"  I don't need to buy fuzzy mittens for an obscure trip up north which I haven't even booked yet.

When I see you at church, or the grocery store, or Target, please don't go into selling mode.  I want to know how YOU are doing.  How's your husband?  Kids doing well?  Did you enjoy your vacation to the Smoky Mountains?  You saw snow?  Awesome!  I hope you got pictures!  Now, ask me how I'm doing.  Yes, that's how FRIENDS speak to each other.  You care genuinely how I'm doing, and not just what I can buy from you.  I'll probably ask you how your business is going.  What, you might say?  After this rant about direct sales?  Yes, I will, because you're my friend and I care about you.  I might not be able to buy from you right this moment, but I'm praying that your business is a success.

Oh, and do I have to remind you?  I hope not, but I will.  Don't try to sell me stuff at church.  I mean it.  I'm there to worship our Lord, not talk business.  If I want a catalog, I will ask, but I'm not going to be making any transactions while I'm at church.  Don't go there.

Remember, I'm not just a wallet (and believe me, the wallet is not as great as you probably think.)  I'm your friend and I miss you.

Want to go to get some coffee?  At the beach?  I'm buying.  Because I really do miss you.


Cheriz Angel said...

I am so there with you! I'm always getting acquaintances putting me on the spot to host a Passion Party or Party light, and the newest one is "buy fromm me online for" whatever other of the various stuff they are trying to sell. I've learned to just say no!

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Yeah- that is such a put off -it's hard to be friends with that kind of person because it's more about what they can get from you. And the worst is the ones that really want you to start selling what they are selling because if you do - they make more money. Lisa :O)

Sarah R said...

Oh, Cheriz! I was invited to a passion type party once (not sure what, it was a sex toy thing) but I didn't know what it was the parents of my daughter's friend. I showed up and when I realized what it was, I took my daughter and practically ran out of the house. I'm not against those toys, but you really need to warn a girl first. I had my teenage daughter with me and the last thing she needs to know is what gets me going with her dad! And Lisa...yes! I totally forgot about that aspect. I keep getting emails about "joining my elite team" and I didn't give you my email so you could swamp me with sales tactics. Sigh.

Kelly said...

I so agree! I sold Pampered Chef for a good while, and tried really hard to not do that. Hopefully I succeeded.

Direct sales can kill a friendship.

Jill said...

You hit that right on the nail.