Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Four Day Weekend Is Over....Booooo!

I was supposed to have an entire week off but due to hiring a new employee in my department and another employee being out with a serious injury, I only took Thursday and Friday off.  I had so much fun.  On Thursday, we had a fun Independence/birthday party, and on Friday I cleaned up after the party.  On Saturday, I spent the day with my husband, and today we went to church and a movie at church (The Harbinger...totally recommend!)

Tomorrow I am back to work for the next two weeks, and then I have another four day weekend planned!  July 22 and 23 are mine, all mine!  Then no time off planned for August, and only Labor Day for September.  Nothing planned for October, and I have an entire week off in November, and that doesn't include Thanksgiving.  And can you believe that finishes out 2013 as far as time off work?  WOW.  How in the world did that much time pass so quickly?!?!

Anyway.  I got dressed today.  Hooray.

Target dress purchased in 2012, when Tiger was in the hospital and I couldn't get home to get my other clothes.  It's way too big, but it was all that particular Target had that day, a size 2x.  Target dress, Avenue tank top, Avenue earrings, cheap foam flip flops.

This is my "I don't feel well but I am supposed to be here, so I'm really just wearing fancy pajamas and I didn't even bother with real shoes."  Yeah.  My gift of cramps, bloating and pimples arrived today.  Go me.

Mr. R was home the entire time I was off, which I don't think has ever happened since he became a truck driver!  We almost never have the same time off unless it is planned far in advance, and we didn't plan it this time.  How funny is that.  He's leaving tomorrow for Syracuse, and I have a long week ahead of me.   The next time he comes home, we'll be celebrating another big birthday.  My daughter turns 18 on July 29th.  I KNOW. 

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