Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zebra With a Pop of Pink

Another day, another dress.  This is only the second time I've worn it, this time I chose pink as my "pop of color."  I found my pink flip flops which I wore on Easter back in March, and I lost one (it was under the TV...weird!) so wasn't able to wear them again until today.

Random stick behind me?  I didn't even notice.

Ross dress, purchased this year.  Pink flip flops, also purchased this year.  Very old black necklace purchased at a flea market years ago, and my pink Coach bag which I bought used because I'm way too cheap to buy one new. 

This upcoming week, I have VBS.  it's a staple here in the south...every day after work for a week, the church opens its doors to many, many kids.  We do crafts, sing songs, have Bible lessons, learn about is a TON OF WORK.  And as much as I like children...I don't like VBS.  I think it's too much, but then again, I am a quiet type person who enjoys one-on-one type lessons instead of these huge group events.  But when you work in children's do VBS.   At first I was assigned to a middle school boy (which I was perfectly fine with, I have worked with this boy in the past, and I honestly find him to be a piece of cake) but now we have another child who is 5 and completely non verbal, with a propensity to be forceful (I don't want to use the word violent when it comes to a 5 year old, but I understand he's a puncher/kicker.)  Since the other three women who all work in our disability ministry are pregnant, I offered to take this boy....can't have our pregnant ladies working with a child who might hurt them, even unintentionally.

Things I didn't do today: 1) Brush my hair.  2)  Wear makeup.  3) Eat breakfast.

Oh...and these grays?  I don't like them.  This is one thing I don't like about having such dark hair.  Those grays show up FAST.  Maybe it's time to go blonde???


Cheriz Angel said...

I'm really liking this dress!

Anonymous said...

This outfit looks really good on you!