Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cupcake Sunday

Seriously, I should take pictures before Cupcake Sunday!  Today at church one of our leaders in children's ministry is moving away and so they decided that cupcakes would be an excellent way to send her off.  I had one key lime cupcake, and one carrot cupcake, and four raisin cookies.  Man.  *burp* Why can't Baptists have Salad Sunday?

Not pregnant, but my dress is lying to you and saying I am!  By the way, can you see the open bloom on the magnolia tree?  This tree is my husband's baby.  There used to be a pine tree here but it came down during one of the hurricanes in 2004, so we planted a magnolia there.  The blooms smell reminds me of iced tea with lemon!

Dress: Merona.  I sewed a snap near the bustline because it hangs open if I don't.  The shoes are Bongo and painful.  I keep forgetting why I keep these shoes.  They are agony.  Oh, I know why...because it seems like a sin to throw away nude wedges.  Also, standing next to another one of my husband's pride and joys: his sego palm.  He planted this seed (it looks like a walnut) the weekend we moved into this house, which is actually THIS weekend, 2001.  After 12 years, this is what it looks like.  For anyone who doesn't live in Florida, these are some high dollar plants.  Sego palms are big money and I know it would kill Mr. R if someone ever came into our yard overnight and dug it up to sell for cash.  Trust me, it happens. 

This time, the tree behind me is actually a bush.  It's jasmine and when it blooms, it smells so amazing.  Mr. R is actually quite the gardener, where it is my job to go, "Oooooh, pretty!" and then not touch anything, as I would probably kill it.

Mr. R plucked the magnolia blossom and wanted to put it in my hair, but I didn't have any clips in my hair today so I held it instead.  Now it's in a champagne glass on the dining room table.

I almost decided not to post the next picture because...well, you'll see.  But you know what, everyone behind me in church today got this view.  I *am* covered, but goodness.  Not sure how to feel about the overwhelming hourglass going on here.  I like my shape but it's so...I don't know.

My husband said I looked beautiful.

For Memorial Day today, we're waiting on Missy to get off work at 3pm.  We already have the car packed to go to the Springs.  Going later is actually a good thing.  Most people have left already, especially if they have small kids who are hot and tired and ready for a nap.  Plus most of the heat of the day is gone, and you can actually enjoy being outside.  I'm a huge fan of Florida at night; I know there are mosquitoes to deal with, but without the awful 95+ heat in addition to the 95%+ humidity, you can enjoy being outside.  If you ever come to Florida for vacation, I truly recommend half day trips to the theme parks, and go at night.  It's just as much fun, less crowded, not as hot, and that is a great day in my book. 


Tracy said...

Your hair looks fabulous!

Sarah R said...

Oh, thank you SO MUCH. It's been driving me crazy lately and I just gave up and let it go free yesterday! I did color it last night, so it's all dark brown again (a bit too close to black, especially in the summer, but my daughter picked out the color so I went with it) and so super soft and shiny. By the way, these pictures are of my hair with no product. This is my hair with a wide tooth comb and that's it.