Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Can't Think of a Title

You know it's bad when on Sundays, I struggle with a title for my post.  What can I say?  I'm not very exciting.  I had a fun week because it was both Mother's Day and my birthday.  Mr. R was home for several days, but he left for Wisconsin yesterday.  School is almost over for the school year for the kiddos.  I did order the materials for me to start studying for my CCS exam for coding.  I was going to wait until autumn to take the test, but I am seeing lots of coding positions open NOW.  I have off the first week of July, and now I am thinking I may take it earlier than I thought.  I am ready to move ON.  I am even finding work at home positions with sign on bonuses!  Yes to that, please!!!

My navy blue Ross dress, purchased about two years ago for $12.99.  It is one of my favorites.  It's such a versatile color and goes with everything!  Plus the sleeves are wide enough for a good bra, it's swingy, and the perfect length.  Sigh.  I love you, Ross dress.  Aqua tank from Avenue purchased in January 2013, and the sandals are Avenue as well.  Necklace is a gift from my friend Natalie.  Oh, even my earrings are from Avenue!

Oh my, those are not highlights!  *gray hair* Not cool, 38 year old body.  Not cool.

Red sparkle pedi hopefully detracts from gray hair?

Pepper, my constant companion.  What a loving kitty s/he has turned out to be.  And no, I still can't figure out if this kitty is a boy or girl.  Guess I need to take him/her to the vet!

Bucket did my pictures today.  He did an amazingly good job!  I told him he was now my Official Photographer and he ran into the yard screaming.  What?  Don't all 14 year old boys like taking style shots of their moms?  No?  Malarkey, I say!
I mean, all the pictures are kind of on an angle, but I say that's just artsy and not him glaring at me while I say "TAKE ANOTHER ONE!"

He really did not like taking this one.  I believe his words were "Mom, this is gross!" 

Oh, this is my jacked up attempt at trying to french braid my own hair.  The only good thing I can say is, it was out of my way. 

Thank you for taking my pictures, Bucket.  Now go in the house and get your dirty socks off the sofa.  Awesome.

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