Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Infected, Impacted, Elevated

What a horrible week.

For the past several months, I've been having issues with my left ear feeling clogged.  It was mostly when I woke up in the morning.  I assumed it was because I am a side sleeper.  I'd get up, mess around with my ear, and it would be fine.  Go about my day.

Then we went swimming on Sunday, and it got really, really clogged.  I assumed I had a bit of swimmer's ear and did the usual treatments.  It did NOT get better.

By Tuesday I was in tears.  I couldn't hear at all, my ear was bright red, painful to the touch.  I went to my local CentraCare instead of the emergency room, as my insurance dictates for minor illnesses and ailments.  I sat in that CentraCare for nearly three hours before I gave up and left.  Again, in tears, but mostly because I was frustrated at the long wait, and here I am an employee!

This morning, Wednesday, I got up to work and I was miserable.  I called my pcp as soon as they opened at 8:30 and begged for an appointment.  Nothing available until next Monday.  Then, I guess sensing the desperation in my voice, they managed to get me a 1:15 appt.  I took it even though I knew I'd be late getting Bucket from school.  (Missy is done with school, she's a senior, and Tiger was home due to his surgical scar reopening...can you believe that?!!?)  I get in, and the assistant takes my blood pressure, which is elevated.  Weight is about the same.  Slight fever of 99.8.  Then comes the ear exam.

Both ears, infected.  Both ears, loaded with impacted cerumen.  Has to come out.  Right now.  I hold a small plastic container next to my left ear and the assistant squirts warm water mixed with peroxide with a squirt bottle.  I see stars.  It sounds like pop rocks have been mixed with a Pepsi inside my head.   Then I hear her say, which sounds so very far away, "Well, here you go."  Then, all of a sudden everything is very loud.  A huge gush comes out of my ear.  And chunks of yellow crap.  It was foul.  I didn't gag or throw up but it definitely was gross.  We do this several times until my ear is completely clear.  Then we do it again on the right side even though that side wasn't hurting me, it was just as clogged up.  By now, my head is pounding...I guess from the relief of the pressure in my head?  I paid my copay, ran out and got into the car to go get Bucket.  Only ten minutes late and he barely noticed because he was talking to a girl (!) in the parent pick up line.

We get home, and he goes into his room to play video games while I get back to work.  My head hurts, I feel like I have hyper hearing and my headset is killing my ears.  I clock out at 5pm which is early for me lately considering how busy we've been!  I then fall asleep on the couch with my legs up on the back (whaaaaa?) until 7:45 when Bucket jumps on me to inform me that he's hungry and Tiger ate the entire dinner on his own.  Missy is out with a friend.  So we drive to McDonalds so he can get a chicken sandwich.  And panics when he realizes that his favorite number 7 has been changed to be number 13.  He is very disturbed by this anomaly.  I assure him it's the same meal with a new number, and he is not sure if I can be trusted.

So long story short, I had a boo boo.  Boo boo gone.  Sarah tired.  Kids are still hungry.  The End.

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